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Phoenix Vulcan, darkly determined fifth generation.

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The Interlude: Part 3
The Interlude: Part 2
The Interlude: Part 1


Elspeth Vulcan, Smoking hot fourth generation.

Chapter Forty-Seven: Dreamings End
Chapter Forty-Six: Dream a little dream...
Chapter Forty Five - Finally! The end of College
Chapter Forty Four - Life goes on

Chapter Forty Three - Oops I did it again
Chapter Forty Two - Kissing Cousins
Chapter Forty One - Higher Education
Chapter Thirty Nine - Very Domestic
Chapter Thrity Eight - Metamorphosis
Chapter Thirty Seven - Jungle Fever
Chapter Thirty Six - No place like home


Chardonnay Vulcan, lady-like & graceful third generation.

Chapter Thirty Five - Tickle me Emo
Chapter Thirty Four - Bittersweet Symphony
Chapter Thirty Three - All we need is love.
Chapter Thirty Two - (Enter Witty Title Here)
Chapter Twenty Eight - Voulez vous coucher avec moi?
Chapter Twenty Seven - Hiatus Interruptus!
Chapter Twenty Six - Something about Mhairi
Chapter Twenty Five - Lotsa Babies!
Chapter Twenty Four - Warning: Plastic Surgery can be addictive!
Chapter Twenty Three - Wuv, Twu wuv


Bryn Vulcan, Suave & sophisticated second generation.

Chapter Twenty Two - Death of a Cheerleader
Chapter Twenty One - Neon Genesis
Chapter Twenty - The screaming memes
Chapter Nineteen - It's that time again...
Chapter Eighteen - Are we there yet?
Chapter Seventeen - Everyone needs good neighbours
Chapter Sixteen - All about hearts
Chapter Fifteen - Life rollercoaster
Chapter Fourteen - Life goes on
Chapter Thirteen - End of an Era
Chapter Twelve - The end is nigh!
Chapter Eleven - Skunk'd!


Tommek Vulcan, dignified founding father.

Chapter Ten - To all the girls I've loved before.
Chapter Nine - College-bound!
Chapter Eight - Love is in the Air
Chapter Seven - Glory Days
Chapter Six - Sugar and Spice
Chapter Five - Fluffy puppies!
Chapter Four - Smells like Generation Two
Chapter Three - The search concludes...finally!
Chapter Two - The search continues....
Chapter One - The search begins.
Prologue - A galaxy far far away...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Interlude: Part 3

Recap: Phoenix has been appropriated by her time-lost great-great grandfather to complete a perilous mission on an alien planet. With the mission completed successfully, Phoenix collapses from mysterious causes.

"Thank you for calling us Doctor."

"One moment, my analysis is almost complete, the paitent is awake, you can speak to her if you like."

"If she's awake it can't be too serious."

"Always the optimist Tommek."

"How are you feeling?"

"Pretty good actually. When can I get out of here?"

"Soon. I've discovered the reason for your reactions to teleportation. Every time you've teleported you've teleported with Mr. Tommek am I correct."

"Now that you mention it...yeah. Not that it's been all that many times."

"It appears that during the demoleculation process certain parts of your DNA has been attracted to Tommeks, and there has been some exchange. In your case you have taken on some physical aspects of a Vulcan."

"Hey thats my last name....What kind of aspects? *looks down*"

"Primarily the composition of your blood has been copper based, not iron based. Also your auditory appendages have developed the Vulcan pointedness. The nausea and loss of consciousness was a side-effect as your body adjusted."

"Oh. So I'm okay then?"

"You are a very healthy young lady, bound for a long and prosperous life."

"Doctor you mentioned an exchange. Does this mean Mr. Tommek is affected as well?"

"Nonsense, I'm fine. I'm telling you."

"It would appear that he has lost some of his Vulcan sensibility, I'd need to conduct further tests to deduce the extent of the changes."

"There is nothing wrong with me at all. I'm telling you."

"We will see, Mr. Tommek."

"You'll be sorry."

"We'll talk later. Phoenix, we appreciate your assistance with our mission, we'll drop you off home on the way back to our time. However I must warn you that we may not be as precise as we would like."

"How'd you mean?"

"We might be a year or 4 off. 6 at the most, I promise. Given the extent of our time travel, you'll admit that it is pretty close."

"Oooh, you'll be about 8 years off actually. I thought it was just a dream."

"You've already experienced the temporal displacement?"

"I think so. Can you take me back now? I've got to track down a sexy policeman"

"So, this is goodbye then?"

"Indeed Phoenix, your assistance has been invaluable, but it is time for you to continue your life."

"I could stay here. I'm sure there are plenty of opportunities for someone like me."

"If I am your ancestor as you believe, then wouldn't your presence interfere with the course of events that lead to me becoming your ancestor?"


"Go home Phoenix. If you don't, then we may change history again."

"Awww man. I'll miss you."

"I'm sure you will. Live long and prosper Phoenix Vulcan."

"Bye Tom!"

"I've told you not to call me that! *sigh*"

"Ma'am Phoenix has been safely delivered to her home, we are free to return to our own time now."

"Excellent work Mr. Ltwsgyvkz. Please take a seat and we'll resume our course back to Starfleet command."

"Yes Ma'am."

"Full speed ahead helm. Take us home."

I see you are back from your little adventure?

"Yeah. *sigh*"

Whats wrong?

"Just, I don't know, how am I supposed to go back to a normal life after all that has happened. Even looking in the mirror reminds me."

There's plenty of exciting things in your future. Shannon for example....

"That's right, Shannon is out there somewhere. I'll have to look him up when I get back to Uni....*gasp*"

Whats wrong now?

"I have to go BACK to UNI!!! *wail*"

Goram it, I don't want to go back either. :<

What Really happened:
Pretty much, at the end of my pregnancy I didn't really want to do much of anything. Understandable given I was in my last trimester during summer and all I think. Anywho, I did do some play after my last update, and left it until after my daughter was born. I then started to play again in the rare moments that I wasn't sleeping or tending to a newborn. I even picked up AL. But the interest waned once more, until I decided to start playing again. This time however I noticed that none of my custom lots were available. I had had some problems with installing AL and stuff packs, but I made sure that the neighbourhoods were protected. I was even able to play a little with AL in the main household (Ambrose & the witch, and Butler guy & Clyde.) So I took a look only to discover that the actual folders were missing. Which made me sad. The only back up I had was from November, which pretty much takes us back to before Phoenix met Shannon.

Better than nothing right? It took me another month to put together a very rough story that explained what happened to my sims, and to explain why Phoenix suddenly looked rather more Vulcan than previous generations. Yes, I took advantage of this little hick-up to re-introduce my favorite Vulcan features, most notibly the ears and the skin tone.

I now have to play Phoenix (And her sisters) through Uni for a third time. This time, I don't think I'll blog most of it, I really want to get into raising Gen 6, so I can complete this Legacy and go on to making a Sims 3 Legacy.

Some Interesting Pictures:

Leader of the Pack meets Alien dog, who didn't actually manage to get featured in the story.

I didn't really use any sims of note, so I killed them off, the synchronized death throes just kinda made me giggle. I don't usually let sims die of anything other than old age.

The Interlude: Part 2

Recap: Phoenix has been appropriated by her time-lost great-great grandfather to complete a perilous misson on an alien planet.

"I know you need time Phoenix, but we really don't have all that much left."

"Aren't you lost in time? Doesn't that mean you can manipulate it somehow?"

"Uh...we haven't figured that out yet. We're hoping once we've ensured that Fluto will not be born things will kinda just fall back into place."

"Good plan."

"Not really."

"Oh, alright, I'll do it. I'll be the only person I know who could say that they were abducted by aliens from the future...."


"You remember everything we have shown you about the features of Otdho? And the use of the phaser device?"

"I think I've got it, we're not all fur-wearing primitives you know."

"Well. Then. Good luck to you both, we are depending on you to set everything right."

"No pressure then?"


"Oh wow! I'm on an alien planet! Even the dirt feels different. Oooh is that a bird?"

"Ms. Vulcan, take a deep breath and settle down. Please remember we are on a serious mission here. Time is of the essence."

"Actually it looked like more of a plane. An alien plane! How exciting!"


"Alright alright."

"Get your phaser out, we may come across Flutocratus at any moment, we must be prepared."

"Like space scouts? *giggle*"

"The oxygen content on this planet must be too high for simple human brain."

"Whatever! Can we just get on with it?"

"Thats what I've been trying to do for the last 20 minutes. *eyeroll*"

"Don't blame your inadequacies on me mister!"

"Bored now."

"Yes, Otdho may be high in oxygen, but the landscape has been overfarmed, and neglegected."

"Is that why there are those funny lines on the ground?"

"Indeed. Keep looking Ms. Vulcan, we can come across our target at any moment."

"Didn't you say that 20 minutes ago?"

"Just keep walking."

"Now I know where I've seen you before! Grandma always said we were descended from aliens!"

"I suggest you start taking shallower breaths, you are beginning to talk nonsense Phoenix."

"Seriously, there is a portrait of you in our family crypt."

"Not only is it highly illogical, but also highly impossible that I could possibly be your ancestor. I was born 275 years in the future."

"And yet here you are, 275 years before you were born."


"Stop! *Crouching and whispering.* "There he is!"

"There who is?"

"Flutocratus, ancestor of Fluto."


"The man we've come here to kill."

"Are you sure? He looks like he's just a farmer."

"Looks can be deceiving....those aren't plants they are organic clone pods. He's starting to build an army.... He must be stopped!"

"Hey you! Fluoride! Stop planting those Clone pod thingies!"

"Phoenix! Assassination implies a certain level of stealth."

"I just thought a little warning would make things a little less morally ambiguous."

"*cackle* No-one can stop my nefarious scheme for galactic domination! No one! You will join my legion of minions!"

"Quick get out your phaser!"

"Your weapons are no match for mine!"

"Aw crud! This thing is defective!"

"His device must have some sort of phase interference component. Keep trying Phoenix!"

"I can't. It won't work. I'm sorry, I'm getting outta here."

"No, Phoenix, I was wrong, it is a mind control device, your phaser still works, you just have to fight...fight against the... What was I doing? Must. Stop. Evil. Alien...."

"...Point....pull trigger.....*gasp*."

"Curse your mental strength! Oh no! Mommy?!....*Choke...groan....die*"

"Interesting, the planets higher oxygen content must have ionized the phasers charge. That would explain the random arc of energy that defeated Flutocratus."

"Tom? Tooom! What the heck happened?"

"One moment Phoenix, I must destroy the remains, and his crop of clones, then we're good to go."

"I don't like it here...."

"Hey Tommek, I'm sorry if I got kinda strange back there... I don't feel I helped out at all."

"Nonsense, your presense enabled me to get under his defenses and defeat him. The probability matrix was correct without you the mission would have failed."

"Mr Ltwsgyvkz, I trust the mission was a success."

"Indeed Avely, we defeated the...."

"I feel sick.... *faint*"


To be continued....

The Interlude: Part 1

We interrupt our irregularly scheduled programme to bring you this slow-breaking *dundundun* Interlude.... We thank you in advance for your paitence :P

"Man how am I supposed to sleep after that dream, it felt like it was forever....well a good 40 days at least..."

At least. I know I didn't think it was a dream.

"D'you really think there is a Shannon out there?"

You could always ask one of your sisters.... Or your mum for that matter.

"True....Huh? What the....!"

Woah, cooool! OMG Tommek! HAI!

"Intriguing. Naturally I know who you are Phoenix, my mission is to enlist your assistance, I wasn't anticipating that you would know me in return."

"That wasn't me. I don't know who you are."

It was me! I've missed you!

"That may be, but I have no idea who...or even what you are. If you'll excuse me disembodied voice, I have a mission to complete."

"Ms. Phoenix Vulcan?"


"Of Legacy Bay? Born of Elspeth Vulcan and Amar Bransfield, but raised by Count Forrest Vulcan?"

"That'd be me....I think."

"Good, I'd like you to come with me. The future of the universe rests on your participation in a particular mission."

"No way! Get outta here!"

"I'm afraid I can't leave until I have your co-operation."

"I wasn't really serious about you leaving you know..."

"Ah, yes, human slang. I forget, you are haphazard with your use of language."

".... You're not human? Euw creepy. Um.... you can turn around now."

Awww Phoenix, he's not that creepy. Unless you count your great-great grandfather watching you dress as creepy.

"Now that everyone has bought it up, you do look rather sure we haven't met somewhere before?"

"Quite sure, I'm not even of your timeline."

"Really? I know I've seen those ears someplace.... I don't think you'd forget pointy ears."

"We must hurry, there isn't much time.... and it would be impossible for us to have met at any stage of your history. Now drop the subject and come with me."

"Hey cool, am I going to shimmer like you did?"

"The correct term is materialise Phoenix. And yes."

"Oh nea...."

"! Couldn't you give a girl a little more warning?"

"Uh. Mister, I don't feel so good.... You sure traveling like that is safe?"

"My name is Tommek Ltwsgyvkz. The effects of teleportation are quite temporary and quite safe I assure you. Quickly we must travel to the bridge to be debriefed."

"Canni call you Tom?"


"I see you have managed to convince Ms. Vulcan to join us, excellent work Mr. Ltwsgyvkz."

"Thank you ma'am."

"So why am I here?"

"It seems that we have become adrift in time, this is the research vessel SS. Interlude. We are currently testing a probability matrix that was claimed to be able to predict everything simultaneously. There was a small glitch...


"Oh alright, a catastrophic glitch that left us without the senior members of the crew. The remaining crew decided that the best chance of us putting things right was to repair the matrix. After some diligent and percussive efforts by our remaining engineers we managed to overcome the glitch. It appears Ms. Vulcan that for the time being, our fates are intertwined. Both of our futures are dependant upon the completion of a mission that would surely fail without your participation."

"Me? Get out of here!"

"I am in command of this bridge, I am not going anywhere young lady."

"It's slang, Avely."

"Oh.... Really?"


"Hmmm. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to accompany Mr. Ltwsgyvkz to the surface of the planet Otdho, and...well there is no pleasant way to say this, assassinate the ancestor of the crazy genius who is behind the failure of the probability matrix, as well as the future destruction of Legacy Bay...."

"Assassinate? Lady, I'm a sophomore in college, I don't know the first thing about assassination. I don't care what your fancy computer tells you...."

"We appreciate that, however, please consider that the lives of everyone you love rests on your decision. The destruction of Legacy Bay has left ripples through the time line that effect even us."

"I just...I just don't know."

"I appreciate this is a lot to take in Phoenix. But we really need your help."

"But why me Mr Litwisigyvikiz? Why not one of my sisters. Apple would so kick ass on this kinda mission."

"Our Probibility matrix choose you out of all of your sisters. It obviously saw something special and unique about you. I fully believe that you have the necessary skills to help complete this mission. You can do it."

"You're just saying that to get me to do it."

"See, you demonstrate high intelligence, absolutely vital in completing such a dangerous mission."

"I need some time to think."

To be Continued..... (Like now, click the link below)