Friday, February 29, 2008

Chapter Twenty Eight - Voulez vous coucher avec moi?

Welcome back gentle readers. I have given myself the task of completing this chapter before I go play my shiny new expansion. So, without too much preamble, on with the show.

Dagnabbit, I knew it! The ghosts have started to make an appearance, and they seem kinda grumpy about the fact they no longer recognize the beds that they bought. Ah well, at least it is only 2 ghosts. We can live with that right?

"There there Elly, grams will protect you..."

Brandi! I'm trying to convey your one track mindedness, do you mind not being sweet to your grandchildren?

"Bryns' at work."

Oh, ok then.

Hmmm. I don't know why Brandi thinks Bryn is at work. All I know is that I am a little creeped out. Then again, Old people seem to prefer Chardonnay's bed. I try not to think about it honestly.

".... and if we take into consideration the precedent set by Goth Vs. Lothario we can conclude conclusively that it is indeed a default on an anticipated agreement....."

I really don't care what he is saying, I just wish I could find a thinking-cap wearing Pirate Lawyer in real life.

Yay now everyone is at the top of thier career track, except Brandi who is an unemployed bum.

Get down with your bad self Ian! You deserve a little celebration.

"I's luff you puppy. I'll luff you later other puppy."

Marcas appears to have inherited his grandfathers way with animals. Either that or I've forgotten where I hid the food bowls and the dogs can't find anyone to feed them....Back away from the toddler! I repeat all canines must back away from the toddler. I will wake someone up to feed you.

Buster is a little money making machine. I think he is trying to compensate for not being all that good at baby making.

For goodness sake woman, he's only just transitioned into toddlerhood. He doesn't need lectures on good work ethics just yet.

"Actually he started it."


"Grammy, Gramps! Lookit! I got an A+! I am so smart!"

Yeah don't think they are interested just at the moment El, it's nap time.

"But its the middle of the day."

And they are elders. They need more sleep.

"Hey Mhair's? You think we'll ever get to eat real food?"


"I suppose we should be grateful they buy us the tasty cookies then. *sigh*"

"Yup. *nomnomnomnomnom*"

"And what do you think you are doing young lady?"

"I was just putting my cookies into the trash compactor."

"You were were you? In my day we didn't have a trash compactor. We had to walk 15 miles in the snow, up hill both ways just to recycle the newspaper. You should treat the appliances with respect."

Now that you have gotten that outta your system Bryn, want to feed Marcas his smart milk?

"Children these days just have no respect...*muttermuttermutter.*"

Oh. That can't be a good face. But at least we know that Breanna made the move intact and in one piece.


Well, mostly intact, her personality seems to have mutated slightly.

"Mutated slightly? Are you kidding me, she's a freaking nut!"

Yes that too.

I recognise that strut. Outta the way folks there is a romance sim on a mission, ain't nothing can stop her once she's got her strut on.

Except of course the ghost of her mother-in-law scaring the bejeebus outta her husband. Then, even the mighty Brandi must concede to the supernatural superiority of Breanna.

"Hehehehe just you try that with my son now skank. I have my eyes on you!"

Breanna has indeed shown us that the move may have jumbled her marbles just a little. Maybe some got lost during the move. All I can say is she's a hoot, and I eagerly await her next appearance.

That concludes this little interlude into the world of the Vulcans, next time you see them they'll have hobbies, and apparently Bryn and Breanna will not be perma-platinum. Hmmm. I included this picture because I keep on wanting to get the lightening in a picture, but usually fail miserably. But at last I have suceeded. And you get a little peak at how the back yard has evolved.


Kerry said...

Looking good--Breanna does seem to have become a little--intense? Yeah, that's the word.

Oh, those poor kids--doesn't anyone ever cook them a meal? Have them study cooking a lot--then they can start cranking out the gourmet stuff as soon as they teen up.

Love the thinking-cap-wearing-piratical-lawyer and the discussion of Goth vs. Lothario. LOL!

Melissa said...

Welcome back. Enjoyed the update. Look forward to seeing what their hobbies end up being.

ASimWen said...

Hehehe I want the same thing in a lawyer...if you find one hail me...pass along his/her email address.....LOL

Anonymous said...

I've also tried to get a picture of lightning - haven't succeeded yet - nice one.