Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Interlude: Part 1

We interrupt our irregularly scheduled programme to bring you this slow-breaking *dundundun* Interlude.... We thank you in advance for your paitence :P

"Man how am I supposed to sleep after that dream, it felt like it was forever....well a good 40 days at least..."

At least. I know I didn't think it was a dream.

"D'you really think there is a Shannon out there?"

You could always ask one of your sisters.... Or your mum for that matter.

"True....Huh? What the....!"

Woah, cooool! OMG Tommek! HAI!

"Intriguing. Naturally I know who you are Phoenix, my mission is to enlist your assistance, I wasn't anticipating that you would know me in return."

"That wasn't me. I don't know who you are."

It was me! I've missed you!

"That may be, but I have no idea who...or even what you are. If you'll excuse me disembodied voice, I have a mission to complete."

"Ms. Phoenix Vulcan?"


"Of Legacy Bay? Born of Elspeth Vulcan and Amar Bransfield, but raised by Count Forrest Vulcan?"

"That'd be me....I think."

"Good, I'd like you to come with me. The future of the universe rests on your participation in a particular mission."

"No way! Get outta here!"

"I'm afraid I can't leave until I have your co-operation."

"I wasn't really serious about you leaving you know..."

"Ah, yes, human slang. I forget, you are haphazard with your use of language."

".... You're not human? Euw creepy. Um.... you can turn around now."

Awww Phoenix, he's not that creepy. Unless you count your great-great grandfather watching you dress as creepy.

"Now that everyone has bought it up, you do look rather sure we haven't met somewhere before?"

"Quite sure, I'm not even of your timeline."

"Really? I know I've seen those ears someplace.... I don't think you'd forget pointy ears."

"We must hurry, there isn't much time.... and it would be impossible for us to have met at any stage of your history. Now drop the subject and come with me."

"Hey cool, am I going to shimmer like you did?"

"The correct term is materialise Phoenix. And yes."

"Oh nea...."

"! Couldn't you give a girl a little more warning?"

"Uh. Mister, I don't feel so good.... You sure traveling like that is safe?"

"My name is Tommek Ltwsgyvkz. The effects of teleportation are quite temporary and quite safe I assure you. Quickly we must travel to the bridge to be debriefed."

"Canni call you Tom?"


"I see you have managed to convince Ms. Vulcan to join us, excellent work Mr. Ltwsgyvkz."

"Thank you ma'am."

"So why am I here?"

"It seems that we have become adrift in time, this is the research vessel SS. Interlude. We are currently testing a probability matrix that was claimed to be able to predict everything simultaneously. There was a small glitch...


"Oh alright, a catastrophic glitch that left us without the senior members of the crew. The remaining crew decided that the best chance of us putting things right was to repair the matrix. After some diligent and percussive efforts by our remaining engineers we managed to overcome the glitch. It appears Ms. Vulcan that for the time being, our fates are intertwined. Both of our futures are dependant upon the completion of a mission that would surely fail without your participation."

"Me? Get out of here!"

"I am in command of this bridge, I am not going anywhere young lady."

"It's slang, Avely."

"Oh.... Really?"


"Hmmm. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to accompany Mr. Ltwsgyvkz to the surface of the planet Otdho, and...well there is no pleasant way to say this, assassinate the ancestor of the crazy genius who is behind the failure of the probability matrix, as well as the future destruction of Legacy Bay...."

"Assassinate? Lady, I'm a sophomore in college, I don't know the first thing about assassination. I don't care what your fancy computer tells you...."

"We appreciate that, however, please consider that the lives of everyone you love rests on your decision. The destruction of Legacy Bay has left ripples through the time line that effect even us."

"I just...I just don't know."

"I appreciate this is a lot to take in Phoenix. But we really need your help."

"But why me Mr Litwisigyvikiz? Why not one of my sisters. Apple would so kick ass on this kinda mission."

"Our Probibility matrix choose you out of all of your sisters. It obviously saw something special and unique about you. I fully believe that you have the necessary skills to help complete this mission. You can do it."

"You're just saying that to get me to do it."

"See, you demonstrate high intelligence, absolutely vital in completing such a dangerous mission."

"I need some time to think."

To be Continued..... (Like now, click the link below)


ASimWen said...

Hahahaha! A ripple in time. LOL The future of Legacy Bay....hmmmm....this will be interesting. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the way your Tommek talks. Really convincing. Gotta love vulcans!