Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Interlude: Part 2

Recap: Phoenix has been appropriated by her time-lost great-great grandfather to complete a perilous misson on an alien planet.

"I know you need time Phoenix, but we really don't have all that much left."

"Aren't you lost in time? Doesn't that mean you can manipulate it somehow?"

"Uh...we haven't figured that out yet. We're hoping once we've ensured that Fluto will not be born things will kinda just fall back into place."

"Good plan."

"Not really."

"Oh, alright, I'll do it. I'll be the only person I know who could say that they were abducted by aliens from the future...."


"You remember everything we have shown you about the features of Otdho? And the use of the phaser device?"

"I think I've got it, we're not all fur-wearing primitives you know."

"Well. Then. Good luck to you both, we are depending on you to set everything right."

"No pressure then?"


"Oh wow! I'm on an alien planet! Even the dirt feels different. Oooh is that a bird?"

"Ms. Vulcan, take a deep breath and settle down. Please remember we are on a serious mission here. Time is of the essence."

"Actually it looked like more of a plane. An alien plane! How exciting!"


"Alright alright."

"Get your phaser out, we may come across Flutocratus at any moment, we must be prepared."

"Like space scouts? *giggle*"

"The oxygen content on this planet must be too high for simple human brain."

"Whatever! Can we just get on with it?"

"Thats what I've been trying to do for the last 20 minutes. *eyeroll*"

"Don't blame your inadequacies on me mister!"

"Bored now."

"Yes, Otdho may be high in oxygen, but the landscape has been overfarmed, and neglegected."

"Is that why there are those funny lines on the ground?"

"Indeed. Keep looking Ms. Vulcan, we can come across our target at any moment."

"Didn't you say that 20 minutes ago?"

"Just keep walking."

"Now I know where I've seen you before! Grandma always said we were descended from aliens!"

"I suggest you start taking shallower breaths, you are beginning to talk nonsense Phoenix."

"Seriously, there is a portrait of you in our family crypt."

"Not only is it highly illogical, but also highly impossible that I could possibly be your ancestor. I was born 275 years in the future."

"And yet here you are, 275 years before you were born."


"Stop! *Crouching and whispering.* "There he is!"

"There who is?"

"Flutocratus, ancestor of Fluto."


"The man we've come here to kill."

"Are you sure? He looks like he's just a farmer."

"Looks can be deceiving....those aren't plants they are organic clone pods. He's starting to build an army.... He must be stopped!"

"Hey you! Fluoride! Stop planting those Clone pod thingies!"

"Phoenix! Assassination implies a certain level of stealth."

"I just thought a little warning would make things a little less morally ambiguous."

"*cackle* No-one can stop my nefarious scheme for galactic domination! No one! You will join my legion of minions!"

"Quick get out your phaser!"

"Your weapons are no match for mine!"

"Aw crud! This thing is defective!"

"His device must have some sort of phase interference component. Keep trying Phoenix!"

"I can't. It won't work. I'm sorry, I'm getting outta here."

"No, Phoenix, I was wrong, it is a mind control device, your phaser still works, you just have to fight...fight against the... What was I doing? Must. Stop. Evil. Alien...."

"...Point....pull trigger.....*gasp*."

"Curse your mental strength! Oh no! Mommy?!....*Choke...groan....die*"

"Interesting, the planets higher oxygen content must have ionized the phasers charge. That would explain the random arc of energy that defeated Flutocratus."

"Tom? Tooom! What the heck happened?"

"One moment Phoenix, I must destroy the remains, and his crop of clones, then we're good to go."

"I don't like it here...."

"Hey Tommek, I'm sorry if I got kinda strange back there... I don't feel I helped out at all."

"Nonsense, your presense enabled me to get under his defenses and defeat him. The probability matrix was correct without you the mission would have failed."

"Mr Ltwsgyvkz, I trust the mission was a success."

"Indeed Avely, we defeated the...."

"I feel sick.... *faint*"


To be continued....

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ASimWen said...

OMG so the bad guy is gone. Hmmm....Phoenix was a help after all after major equipment failure. M.U.S.T. read on...(even tho it is time for me to leave for work).