Saturday, August 9, 2008

Chapter Forty Two - Kissing Cousins

Welcome back to the Vulcans! We're preparing for more breeding, but first we must conquor the boredom that is university first. I'm seriously considering getting the college clock, even though it is a hack. But I'm not doing this for the points, more for the fact I wanted to get a Legacy completed before they developed holographic sims or other such technological wonders. Then again I get bored with baby making too when it is that time of the generation.... without further preamble we will continue our stalking of the fifth generation!

Name: Phoenix Vulcan
Aspiration: Knowledge
Star Sign: Gemini
LTW: Become a World Class Ballet Dancer (lol just like Tommek, Phoenix is an abberant knowlege sim....And her hobby is fitness to boot.)
Turn-ons: Black hair, Undies Turn-off: Fatness
Personality: 6 Neat, 8 Outgoing, 9 Active, 2 Playful, 4 Nice.

Name: Ambrose Vulcan
Aspiration: Family
Star Sign: Scorpio
LTW: Raise 20 puppies or kittens
Turn-ons: Stink, Red Hair Turn-off: Jewellery
Personality: 9 Neat, 8 Outgoing, 9 Active, 05Playful, 4 Nice.

"You may be my half-sister but I hate you! And your mother is a skank too!"

Hmmm see when someone invites you back to their place, you don't go around slapping them silly. Unless you're um...Angelina? I think it's Angelina.

Ooops. See I get used to things. One of the traditions of the Vulcan household is that the dog dies on the day the college graduate returns to continue the family. So I wasn't really watching Buffy's life meter.... It's okay, the Vulcans will survive.


Euw sick! Apparently doggy woohoo breaks even the thrall of the bubble machine.

EUW SICK! Okay so we decided to use the well for something other than money, so I had Ambrose wish for romance, and low and behold, Neo Vulcan, son of Hennessy Vulcan was the lucky guy to drop out of the sky. Despite being her mothers cousin and all. Euw, once more.

Since I got bored with Elspeths converted bakery/nightclub, I decided to try my hand at a couple of themed bars. This is Le Chateau, a french/medieval themed nightclub. We didn't like it.

And this is The Jade Palace, an oriental style bar and nightclub. We didn't like this one either.

Finally we come to Azteca, it was supposed to be a tropical inspired bar, but I couldn't resist the fountain, and the rest grew from there. It still has a lot of tropical elements, and more importantly we likes it.

"Ow! The water is hot and sticky!"

Maybe because it's burning hot lava?


As you can see, Forrest likes it too. :D

We finally have enough of the girls as teenagers, particularly Ambroses continuing wants to interact romantically with Neo. They get shipped off to University right smartly if I do say so myself.

Awww, Elspeth is old! But she still has that clueless face I adore. We won't make her prance around in the skimpy uniform that the employees have to wear at Azteca....Ok, maybe we will if we feel like a bit of a giggle.

Once again, Maxis tortures my sims, you do NOT want to know what pants that corset got teamed up with.

Ambrose finally decided she had had enough pretending, and dyed her hair all the way blonde. Here she is being accepted into the Greek House, which apparently involves the greek house members running from the lot in pretend terror.

I'll leave you here with the twins about to depart for the Iata Pi house. I have no idea how I'm going to run that house, there are already four sims there, plus the twins, plus if the twins develop relationships with other students there is the potential for the house to be very big indeed (Well at least compared to what I usually have in the house at least.)

I promise much hijinks next time, but for now, I must go collapse in a hormone induced coma. :D

Ka Kite


Kerry said...

"We didn't like that one." "We didn't like that one, either." "We likes it!"


ASimWen said...

"Once again, Maxis tortures my sims, you do NOT want to know what pants that corset got teamed up with."

It seems like to me I read a comment 'somewhere' about how the games decides how Sims are dressed...when the base game was being programmed...and the townies being made..Bennie Long and the rest of them....the decision was made to leave them in the funky clothing just because it was 'fun'....I find I like to gamble when a Sim gets ready to transition. Will they keep that outfit? Or not? Will the Sim be a snappy dresser from the git go? hehe