Sunday, June 1, 2008

Chapter Thirty Four - Bittersweet Symphony

I know it's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to....Or something. My current studies are a little intense, ok ALOT intense, but I'm now on somewhat regular hours, and am looking forward to 3 weeks holiday soonish. So the Vulcans are dusted off once more! Enjoy!

"Teehee! Not only am I dating a prince of darkness, I'm also playing in the street!"

"You live a life of danger my sweet."

Elspeth and Forrest continue to get along like a house of fire. Not even moving taxi's can stop the fun.

"Oh. Um Hi mum."

"Woohoo! The booth was shaking!"

"This is so embarrassing!"

This is a first for the Vulcan's. The cheering of the misuse of the photobooth. Yeah I find it a little awkward as well. Better move along then.


"Nothing to see here folks!"

"Hello my dove, may I say you taste as sweet as you look."

"It's a hard night's work but someone has to do it."

Yes this is the date where Young Count Forrest goes on a wee bit of a biting spree (Nothing at all to do with Elspeth influencing him... no... nothing at all.) There were more, but I thought I would spare you the horror.

"Just stay very very still, ignore the purple mist infesting your cranium....Oh, what else did he say? Oh thats right! Just relax my precious, I have a gift for you!"

Of course, Elspeth just had to try it out. Now that we have had a thorough tour of the darkness, let us see what the other Vulcans have been doing with their time.

Naenae the maid (And future Vulcan) demonstrates her lady-like grace and delicacy. Funnily enough the devil cow rarely bothers her after this incident.

And uh...What are you doing here?

"I am a Vulcan, I'm allowed to be here."

Does your family know where you are?

"Not really."

Yeah, Genesis has pretty much made herself right at home. She'll hang around like a bad smell for days on end. It's lovely really.

"I can see you! Teeheehee!"

"Would you get the *Beepy beep beep* outta here? You stupid cow!"

Mhairi and Amar continue to build their relationship. Or they would if the cow didn't believe that she can hide behind the bedpost.

"My sweet, I would love you even if we weren't clearing the NPC pool for pretty spouses to marry into the main house. Will you marry me and come live with me forever and ever in the lap of pretend luxury?"

"Oh my god yes! I not pretty?"

"You are pretty in my eyes. I don't make the choices, I just have to live with them."

Yet another engagement in the Iata Pi house. It's a beautifu moment, made even more beautiful by the presence of granny undies.

I should have invested in more outside lights. But this is a moment of rejoicing. We have the father of the 5th generation within our grasp! I can almost see half-way! I'm so proud of myself *much back-patting*

There is always this downside to the whole 'dating a prince of the damned' scenario, and that is the siblings are never safe. We wisely spent the money we should have spent on outdoor lighting on a whole boxful of Vamprocilin-D. Money well spent I say.

Lol, I just find this picture funny. I lure the Count into the room of mirrors often. Watching him play bowling also amuses me.

The cars started getting glitchy, and seeing as I do have Freetime I decided that the Iata Pi house should have their own matched cars. Et voila, no sooner do I think it, and the kids are on it.

"Wow the cars look awesome."

"Why are we fishing again?"

"Because for some random reason, Elspeth is about 10 hours ahead of you in the college clock, you're here to hang out for a bit and re-synchronise your clocks."

"Who the heck are you?

Ah yes, my children are wonderfully social, especially once they have had their love lives sorted. I have no idea who the other chick is either.

I had to get poor Marcas to pose, because he woulnd't stop whinging about something. I think he needed some sleep. Which would explain why he ventured out in his pj's.

I know all my faithful readers will be glad to know that the Iata Pi house is still a meeting place for harmony and joy, and the occaisional fist fight between mascots.

That is all for this installment. The next installment is just waiting for me to write words to pictures. So hopefully by the time you read this you'll be able to go straight to the end of college for the generation four kids! It's about bleeding time I say!



ASimWen said...

Woah! Dating the prince of darkness. umm how will this affect the space agey genetics of the Vulcans???heh Looks like much of the downtown is now vamps. Hehehe

Kerry said...

Okay, that is one of the, um, more dedicated and energetic Princes of Darkness I've encountered! He doesn't let any moss grow under his fangs!

I loved the kissing in front of the mirror photo--awesome! I don't play vamps, so I didn't know they didn't reflect in mirrors. How funny!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Hey Seraphyem! Wanted to let you know that I'm still reading, just getting lazy on commenting. And I squeed when I realized what song you were referencing at the beginning of the update. Good taste.