Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chapter Eleven - Skunk'd!

Welcome back to A (not) Very Vulcan Legacy. Things have been going well in the family, especially now the reins have been handed over to Bryn, and Tommek and Breanna can enjoy being kooky elderly sidekicks rather than the main attraction as it were. Before we return to the Vulcan Enclave, we'll quickly update on Paden.

As you can see Paden has also left the Iata Pi house (In the oh-so-safe hands of Genisis Patch). He also decided that he would age transition into the most interesting clothes he could find. Apparently there is a stage version of 'The Highlander' looking for a recent Drama graduate....

Of course Paden is destined to live the life of a spare, which means being motherloaded into wealth, married to the unacceptable maid and ignored for the rest of the challenge. It could be worse, I could have just left him in the Sim Bin. This way he and his little Claire-bear will never get old or fat or boring.

Of course, as soon as Bryn moves home this happens. No Grimmy don't take my Fluffy, it isn't her time! She still has so much more to give! *sniffsniff* On a side note, I was shopping for a companion for Jaffa when I came across Fluffy in the large dog breeds (I forget the exact name) So despair not gentle readers! If you have Pets you too can have the mammoth beauty of your very own Fluffy!

Naturally I got these two married as quickly as possible, this way I can avoid all the drama of the 'fears' (you know, fear of marriage, fear of babies, fear of diapers....etc etc). Luckily the only one with the 'fears' at the moment is Bryn, and because he is already perma-plat, I don't really care. This is the first offical wedding on the Vulcan lot. In time there will be a proper outdoor venue, but for now, the ocean will have to do.

"We must seal our nuptials with a pillow fight, my love. Dad says it's traditional."

"Your dad is a kook, you know that right Bryn? But any excuse to get you next to manchester you sexy studmuffin!"

Of course there is always time for the practically guarenteed just married pillow fight.

And of course cake, can't forget the cake. Naturally my game bugged out, and the happy pair had not one, but two wedding parties, the first rocked, the second blowed. But they still went on honeymoon, that's what really matters right?

Name: Prof. Brandi Go
Aspiration: Romance
Star Sign: Taurus
LTW: Hall of Famer
Turn-ons: Mechanical Skill, Athleticism, Turn-off: Custom Hair
Personality: 5 Neat, 6 Outgoing, 3 Active, 4 Playful, 7 Nice

Jax makes a new friend, with Jax (the cat). Popular name n'est pas?

"Oh my, perhaps I shouldn't have ordered 50 plates of Lime-seared Prawns while we were away...."

For those of you that didn't get the idea from the lack of exciting honeymoon pictures, Bryn and Brandi were VERY busy on their honeymoon.

"Mmmhmmm this cheesecake sure tastes good. Nomnomnom. I think I should get Bryn to pick up some more on his way back from work."

Actually Brandi one serving is about all you need. This is another attempt to avoid the fears. Twins means only one pregnancy and only one sim week of changing diapers, most of which can be handled by the equally bladder deficient elders.

Look! It's a Fluffy Ghost! Yay! About all she does is dig ghostly holes, and float about. Nicest ghost ever in my opinion. Hopefully when Tommek dies they can play ghost fetch and stuff. That would be funny.....Not that I really want Tommek to die of course....

"You've been testing bed springs haven't you?"

"Lady, I'm a romance sim, thats all I ever do."

"I'll give you one million dollars if you let me dress your baby up in a rubber outfit and call it 'Mini-Me'"

"Yeah....maybe not."

Pregnancy sure does bring a family together.

*gulp* "Your mother didn't do that when she was pregnant."

"Yeah, pregnancy is really revving her engine if you know what I mean. Neither of us are getting much sleep, if you know what I mean."

"Son, I don't want to know.....Really. Don't want to know....I think I'll just go over there now."

Tommek learns more than he ever wanted to learn over a nice breakfast of Omelette's.

Bryn is just rocketing up that career ladder, this evening he bought home the impressive guitar thingy....I made Breanna play on it, cos it looks wicked cool with her outfit. Of course given a choice, the Vulcans would have no musical instruments what-so-ever.... Every time I can't find one of them I just need to negotiate my way back to the Hammer of Rock and there they are with a little tip jar.

"OooooooooooOOOoooooh! Aye ye cha! And so on and So forth."

I'm so excited, Generation three is about to make an appearance, I already have the names picked out, and I can't wait to see what I get and what they look like! But that might have to wait until next chapter, cos I kinda forgot to take more pictures and Brandi kinda went for a walk during was all very messy.

"What an .... interesting outfit Bryn."

"It's not an outfit, its the roadie uniform"

"Oh, thank Bob! Have a nice day at work dear, don't forget to get your promotion."

"I won't Mum. See you tonight."

That smile on Breanna's face was so fake I just had to share it. Of course, Bryn will get promoted and she'll never have to see her son's belly-button ever again.

As promised when Bryn came home I put most of his funds into the resting place of the family Vulcan. Seeing as everyone (excpet Brandi) has high creative skills we were also able to get the second generation portraits out of the way pretty quickly as well.

"Who's a nice puppy? Thats right you are! Now play with my female dog so we can get more puppies with glowy eyes."

One thing that really annoys me? I want wolf puppies, but I have no way of influencing Jaffa to play with Wolfie(Ooops forgot that name) so that Tommek can get the ball rolling. It's only the relationship between the two canines that needs work now, and naturally that means that he wont ever visit again.

"C'mon! You hit like a girl!"

"I am a girl Bryn...."

"I can confirm that you are indeed a girl. Perhaps we should test drive Dad's car?"


Yeah romance sims, these two can't keep their hands off each other. It's kinda sweet in a purely physical kinda way.

This cannot be good. But in Jax's defense the Skunk was just itching to spray something. It was growling at empty air for a while there, until fatefully Jax and Tommek decided to play fetch. As you can see, Tommek, much like myself has no clue whats going on.

Oh the horror! Poor Jax, we've had the Skunk come by a few times, but we've managed to avoid getting sprayed....until today.

Of course we didn't even have time to wash poor Jax, the foul fumes of the unwholesome beast was a greater shock than his system could bear. He joins Fluffy under the gigantic Bonsai tree, and the old folk cry alot. They know their turn is next.

I promise I'll have pictures of the kiddies next chapter. I've been battling with a weird glitch thingy that means it's next to impossible to maintain any friendships (Spousal relationships decay at 6-12 per night...out of house friends much faster). I will attempt to get it sorted out, just as soon as I learn how to use the interwebs.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Chapter Ten - To all the girls I've loved before.

Welcome back to the second installment of the Vulcan Boys at College. The boys continue to get older and wiser...or something. And I continue to struggle with satisfying Bryn's wants, as well as remember he is not alone in the big house. Very challenging let me tell you.

Lover #11: Candice Shin (Naughty, but nice)

While those two are busy, I thought I'd share what Bryn's want panel is typically like at the end of one of his dates, not only does he want to get engaged to his lucky lady, he also fears getting engaged, and getting rejected for engagement. I guess his lifestyle is just as confusing for him as it is for me.

Lover #12: Brooke Thayer (Meadow's less hot older sister)

"This brings back memories right Bryn?"

"Sure does bro. Although back then I thought you'd turn out to be happier...."

"I'm happy!"

"Not that kinda happy bro."

Occasionally the boys spend quality time together. Although we're starting to conclude that Paden is a sweet little innocent.

At the start of Senior year, Bryn starts thinking about his future.... so on a deserted street corner he crosses the palms of a elderly gypsy woman with silver (or simoleons).

She revealed many mysteries, as well as offering Bryn the opportunity for life-time happiness. We have found the spouse for the next generation, and it was so easy it feels like cheating.

Lover #13: Sierra Turner (Definately NOT unlucky)

Lover #14: Debbie Pons (Sweet n Sassy)

Lover #15: Marie Corxsillo (Words actually fail me for this one)

Bryn and Marie decide to mix things up a little and get all freaky....moving along.

Lover #16: Imaginary Me (Huh wtf? How's I get there?) On a side note, 1 bolt attraction.

Lover #17: Tiffany Le Tourneau (She's a mod, she's a mod, she's a mod. Yeah yeah yeah yeah)

"So like dude, don't you have class now?"

"Yeah, but hanging out is totally more important."

"Isn't it like your final?"

"As I said, hanging out is totally more important."

This time, without Tommek to distract me, I can interrupt these oh-so-important hang-out sessions to make sure the boys maintain thier 4.0 GPA

Bryn once more meets the strange gypsy lady on the street corner. This time he purchases a potion guaranteed to make him irresistible.... Cos she's so trust-worthy.

Lover #18: Robin Kim (She really is a cow)

Now that the boys have entered the final semester of their time in college it was time to invite in a placeholder. Meet Genisis Patch, the annoying Cheerleader, and the first pledge to Iata Pi. We'll just add sucky cook to that distinguished list. Luckily Paden was on hand, he didn't even panic. Although just at that moment the phone began to ring (Either Paden's stalky professor, or one of the many lovers of Bryn) and Paden was the only one home with a cell phone, so I guess it wasn't so lucky after all. And yes, I forgot to buy a fire alarm/ sprinkler when I remodeled the kitchen.

"Fire bad, tree pretty *drool*"

Unfortunately, Genisis's culinary adventure took her straight to the land of Aspiration Failure. And I don't really care enough to try and fix it to be honest.

(Standing behind her, also not really caring is Robin the trouble-making Cow)

Lover #19: Tosha Fuchs (Wild and Free baby!)

"It's disguisting how well we go together professor. I think it's time you made an honest man outta me. Provided it doesn't send you into aspiration failure."

"Oh, Bryn, first you give me this sexy make-over, then you offer to take me out of the unfulfilling life of an NPC. Yes you fool, yes!"

Professor Brandi Go was what the Gypsy Lady delivered earlier, I guess she really does have mysterious ways. We weren't sure on Brandi when she still had the old lady hair and no make up, but as it is often with the Sims, slap a new hair style and some quality make up on them and they tend to clean up.

Lover #20: Professor Brandi Go (Go go Bryn!)

I'm so proud of Bryn, and me. Well mostly me actually. Bryn would have piked out long ago. This is the first time I've ever fulfilled the woohoo wants of a romance sim. I didn't even consider swapping his aspiration when the opportunity came up in sophomore year. Even more great? He didn't get caught cheating once! (So far, but with 20 lovers something is bound to happen sooner or later)

Bryn now wants to be a Rock God, a hillbilly Rock God if the outfit he grew up into is anything to go by. Both he and Paden are on their way back to Legacy Bay. Bryn will of course move back in with his parents, Paden however has well and truly earned his happily ever after with Claire the stalker maid.

Chapter Nine - College-bound!

Yes thats right, this is the first part of the 2 part college special. Both Bryn and Paden had the same scholarships and were able to start out in a house rather than a dorm (which makes Bryn happy let me tell you.)

This is the house the boys managed to purchase with thier funds. Humble I know, but you will see alot of it. It is also the Headquarters for the Vulcan Greek house, Iata Pi (Yes I stole the idea from Prosperity Point...shush)

The swimming pool makes Paden happy too.

"You don't know how long I've waited for this moment...."

"I thought you were scared of me?"

"Shush woman!"

Paden is finally old enough to make the moves on Claire, and he has all of one bolt of attraction for her. We can work on that though.

"You don't know how long I've waited for this moment...."

Bryn also discovers he is old enough to make the moves, in this case, his professor, Naenae Kosmokos. His first lover. How sweet. And yes, I had to write down all of the names, else I wouldn't have been able to keep track.

"Darling now that we have consumated our forbidden love do me the honor of marrying me!"

"You're the spare aren't you?"

"Please don't hold it against me my sugarplum."

Paden finally makes an honest woman of Claire, and she is delighted.... obviously.

Lover #2: Roxie Sharpe. Much like Bryn, I don't feel the need to discuss or even talk to his conquests. Romance Sims are fun.

Lover #3: Professor Melissa Perry (Professor of Luuurve)

Lover #4: Caryl Ngai (Clueless Co-ed)

Lover #5: Lakshmi Phelps (She really delivers!)

As you can see all of Bryn's extra-curricular activities have an unexpected bonus. Bryn becomes a big man on campus. Of course Bryn isn't really one to rest on his laurels, and he still has many many more lovers to seduce, so we'll just move along.

Lover #6: Kendra Terrill (Plucky Animal Welfare Officer)

Despite my repeated directions, the boys like hanging outside. I eventually gave up and just bought them a hot chocolate machine. They can afford it because all Paden does is paint (It keeps him out of my hair while I'm working on Bryn's wants.) and date Claire. Its a happy life for him I'm sure.

Lover #7: La Shawn McArthur. (Friendly postie!)

"I hate you, how dare you hook up with your stalker maid! I don't care if she's been waiting for you since before you were born. Cow's outrank maids, everyone knows that!"


"Something you want to tell me honeybuns?"

We have no idea how this happened, one moment we're getting Paden his daily Claire fix to get him into platinum so we can make some more money. The next, the cow is slapping him around and completely destroying his relationship with Claire. Like I really need more challenge at the moment.

"Look you stupid cow, I want you to leave me and my girlfriend alone. Forever! I'm a one-stalker man thankyouverymuch! Take the money and moooove along already!"

Paden takes care of the problem like the man he is.


With all the pizza in the house, Jonah decides the trash can provides far more appetizing victuals.

Lover #8: Merhissa Hsu (Pretty in Pink)

Lover #9: Jonah Powers (Roxies ralphing boyfriend)

Lover #10: Leonid Hamilton (The end to College experimentation)

"But darling, she means nothing to me. Honestly. She turns up at random hours and harasses me....."

"Hey babe. Watcha wearing...?"

It is hard work maintaining a level 6 Greek house (my first), so it's not all fun and games for the boys. But Bryn is half-way through his lifetime want, and the boys are half-way through College, so a little sacrifice is a small price to pay.