Thursday, December 31, 2009

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Phoenix Vulcan, darkly determined fifth generation.

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Previous Chapters:


The Interlude: Part 3
The Interlude: Part 2
The Interlude: Part 1


Elspeth Vulcan, Smoking hot fourth generation.

Chapter Forty-Seven: Dreamings End
Chapter Forty-Six: Dream a little dream...
Chapter Forty Five - Finally! The end of College
Chapter Forty Four - Life goes on

Chapter Forty Three - Oops I did it again
Chapter Forty Two - Kissing Cousins
Chapter Forty One - Higher Education
Chapter Thirty Nine - Very Domestic
Chapter Thrity Eight - Metamorphosis
Chapter Thirty Seven - Jungle Fever
Chapter Thirty Six - No place like home


Chardonnay Vulcan, lady-like & graceful third generation.

Chapter Thirty Five - Tickle me Emo
Chapter Thirty Four - Bittersweet Symphony
Chapter Thirty Three - All we need is love.
Chapter Thirty Two - (Enter Witty Title Here)
Chapter Twenty Eight - Voulez vous coucher avec moi?
Chapter Twenty Seven - Hiatus Interruptus!
Chapter Twenty Six - Something about Mhairi
Chapter Twenty Five - Lotsa Babies!
Chapter Twenty Four - Warning: Plastic Surgery can be addictive!
Chapter Twenty Three - Wuv, Twu wuv


Bryn Vulcan, Suave & sophisticated second generation.

Chapter Twenty Two - Death of a Cheerleader
Chapter Twenty One - Neon Genesis
Chapter Twenty - The screaming memes
Chapter Nineteen - It's that time again...
Chapter Eighteen - Are we there yet?
Chapter Seventeen - Everyone needs good neighbours
Chapter Sixteen - All about hearts
Chapter Fifteen - Life rollercoaster
Chapter Fourteen - Life goes on
Chapter Thirteen - End of an Era
Chapter Twelve - The end is nigh!
Chapter Eleven - Skunk'd!


Tommek Vulcan, dignified founding father.

Chapter Ten - To all the girls I've loved before.
Chapter Nine - College-bound!
Chapter Eight - Love is in the Air
Chapter Seven - Glory Days
Chapter Six - Sugar and Spice
Chapter Five - Fluffy puppies!
Chapter Four - Smells like Generation Two
Chapter Three - The search concludes...finally!
Chapter Two - The search continues....
Chapter One - The search begins.
Prologue - A galaxy far far away...

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