Friday, January 18, 2008

Chapter Twenty Six - Something about Mhairi

And here we go again, more Vulcanisms. More craziness and I know you want to read so we'll just get on with it then.

For those of you missing Genesis, you'll be pleased to note she frequently pops over and invites herself in. We figure that baby Mhairi made poor Genesis clucky.

Cos thats the only explaination we have for this. Genesis that is your father-in-law! Just cos he is a romance sim doesn't mean you have to take advantage of his unruly hormones.

Imaginary Lee is still having some problems with his aspiration. Who would have thought he cared so much about his imaginary daughter.

Hennessy has discovered the joy of poodles. However all Pierre and Fifi do is fight, so we had to give them up for adoption. Perhaps I can introduce a large poodle to the Fluffy strain. That would be special right?

"Hello Chicky-babe. How bouts you give daddy a lil sugar?"


Oh dear. As you can see the mutual advantage taking has been taken to another house.

Mostly so I could get this to happen. Genesis has been such an integral part of the family since the twins went to college so I thought I would see just how tangled I could get her relationships to become. It's fun.

In the end Genesis had two children. The blond on the left, is Bryn's daughter Io. The red-head is Hennessy's son Neo. She really doesn't make pretty children. But Ian does, so we'll toddle back to the Vulcan Enclave to see how the buns are cooking.

Buffy has all grown up. I think the Dalmatian spots add a certain something to the traditional Fluffy face don't you? I think next up we need to find Buffy a poodle playmate. Just cos.

"How dare you woman! I work hard to support you and our children and you have the gall to flush the mysterious blue balloon of toddler poop while I'm having a shower! Oh the humanity!"


"Ooops is that all you can say? After you ruined my shower?...Well I have a few words to add...."

"If you add them you'll be sleeping on the couch."

"Well so long as it doesn't happen again.... Yeah."

Heh, the Vulcans don't have cheap plumbing any more, and it is very rare for them to use the same bathroom, so this little scene was a complete surprise to me.

"Well at least you love me unconditionally for who I am Buster. Sometimes I wonder about Donny."

Um, Ian, I don't think it is you that Buster is gazing adoringly at. You're making some kind of meat dish aren't you?

"Fine! Not even the dogs respect me in this house."


Just to give you and idea of where we are in the baby making process. Mhairi is a toddler, Elspeth is a baby, and we have the third and final bump. Now we just have to grow the kiddies up and get them through college and we'll have 2 perma-plat family sims.

Let the growing up begin! Elspeth transitions into a toddler. She lubs her daddy even if no-one else does.

And then Mhairi transitions into a child. A cutie at that. Daddy better get practising his sword play, its only another week til she transitions into teen, and then the boys will be swarming to the front door.

"Oh my Bob, Dad, is that the Jolly Roger?"

"Where? Oh no! I'm wearing this stupid hat!"

Did I mention that Mhairi has only one nice point? I like mean sims, Ian is put to shame by the meanness of his daughter.

Finally the last child makes an appearance. It shares the black hair grey eyes of Elspeth, but hurray, it is a boy-child. Let us introduce Marcas, the last of the Vulcan brood for generation four.

Of course Marcas's birth signifies the end to Chardonnay's endless pregnancy, which is always a relief. We'll see what else they get up to shortly. After all there is always something happening in the family.

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Melissa said...

I don't know why I thought I was caught up before, but anyhow, now I really am all caught up. LOL

I LUV Mhairi's hair! It is too cute. Awww! A new little boy. Can't wait to see how they all grow up.