Friday, January 18, 2008

Chapter Twenty Five - Lotsa Babies!

Welcome back to yet another exciting bundle of adventures in the Vulcan household. I myself have been busy spending my mothers money and just generally enjoying my summer holidays, but fear not! I have been playing when I have the time. Also Mum flew back to Oz today, so no more shopping for me.

"Hey chicky babe, how bout you and me frolic on the couch like a couple of teens?"

"Teehee Bryn! Of course!"

As you can see the elders have returned from their holiday refreshed and ready for more romantic interactions. It's all very sweet I assure you.

Tommek the ghost finally makes an appearance, I was going to ring someone and complain about my defective founder, but yay I don't have to do that.

"Heh, I can see your butt luv."

"Nice. I'm in extreme pain giving birth to your first born and all you can think about is my aaaaahhhyeow!"

And behold, the arrival of the fouth generation is nigh! Are you excited? I know I am :D

Ladies and gentlemen allow me to be the first to introduce you all to Mhairi. As you can see she has brown hair and brown eyes. This is an exciting deviation away from the Vulcan black hair.

Of course being the first born means she is just a little spoiled...just a tad. I don't think she's been left in her crib longer than 5 minutes since she was born. Oh and I love the hair and the suit, it just screams class.

This is a rather boring picture just to show how far we have come in terms of aspiration points. Most of these have been collected by Bryn and Brandi. After all they have a very easy cycle. Woohoo in bed, then woohoo in hot tub, rinse and repeat. Like I said, Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Yay! My dalmatian Fluffy puppy is coming! This chapter is absolutely filled with excitement. Perhaps I should have put up some sort of warning. Nah. It's too late now.

Spiffy had two little puppies, Biff and Buffy. And yes, Buffy is the girl, and the dalmatian. I like it when things work out the way I want.

Hmmmm. Fluffy and Jaffa never did that when they were alive. Dunno really why they would do it when they were dead, unless of course they want to break the monotony.

Apparently Jaffa won. Ah well, no use worrying about it, not much I can do with the ghostly residents of the Vulcan enclave.

"Hurry up and blow out those bloody candles already. I'm huuuuuungry."

Time flies when you are having dalmatian puppies and keeping pregnant women from dying. It's little Mhairi's birthday already. It's all very exciting. We even got cake!

"We already knew it was a girl, canni have the cake already? I'm about to pass out!"

At this point in time I am forced to concede to Chardonnays wisdom. Ian does indeed make very pretty babies! Of course Chardonnay may not actually agree with me at this point in time. Apparently while it sounds good in theory, being constantly pregnant really isn't all that much fun.

"Why didn't your father make you cheesecake. Thats what your granddad did for me and I was only pregnant once."

"I want 3 kids mum."

"What ever for?"

Chardonnay once more goes into labor. Of course for a sim that only involves alot of noise and a mild twirl, with the loving support of your family beside you....not that Brandi can make many expressions since she got her plastic surgery machine, but we assume that is a supportive expression.

After much needless moaning, we were finally treated to the appearance of Elspeth. She has the Vulcan black hair, but surprisingly enough Brandi's eye color has won the war for dominance. I have no clue why.

We'll leave the Vulcan's here for now. Of course for those of you following you will remember that it is only just a small intermission before we get cracking on the next installment. Go make yourself a coffee or something. Chapter 26 is on it's way!

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