Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chapter Thirty - Death in the 21st!

Welcome back! No point being subtle about it, there is going to be deaths in this chapter. Lots and lots of deaths! All natural, let me assure you.

Bryn and Brandi seem to have a 6th sense about impending age transitions. Much like just before they became elder, they are spending a lot of time together in the hot-tub. They know something is up!

I miss my live Fluffy, next puppy genetic donor has to be an illegal Fluffy clone (With a few snips on the second X chromosome).

I wasn't prepared for this at all. I thought Spiffy still had a few more days left in her. But apparently not. Grim comes when he comes I guess.

"Is that a mango flavoured sports drink? I have some grand children around here who are looking a little porky...perhaps you could give it to them."

"No. Brandi, this is for you. It's time to go."

"But I was just going to woohoo in the tub..."

And I know I wasn't expecting this so soon either. Obviously neither was Brandi. I hope she doesn't start haunting in her gym clothes.

"Not. *sob* My *sniffle* Brandi! *wail*"

However it's fairly obvious that Bryn is taking it the hardest. Poor Bryn, no more Woohoo. It is actually quite sad.

"There's a tub in this bathroom. Brandi and I always used to woohoo in the hot tub. Waaaaa!"

Yes Bryn actually cried almost continuously for the next couple of days, and he refused to sleep in his marital bed. See Romance Sims do care!

"I know this new freaky looking poodle is guaranteed to cheer pops up!"

Now that we've had a couple of deaths we can begin the cycle of births once more. As promised, we have Pierre the wonder Poodle for the next genetic donor.

"Lets make beautiful music together luv."

"Excellent idea darlin, it'll be sure to perk dad right on up!"

Yeah, Chardonnay fails to understand the whole 'the love of my life has died and my life is meaningless' funk Bryn has fallen into. But Bob loves a trier!

"Are you ready to have some ugly puppies girl?"

Of course the mailman can't do that, and we need even more deaths in order to have ugly puppies.

Chardonnay even forces Marcas to spend some quality nap time with dear old pops. Unfortunately the unending phone calls that come with Freetime mean that nap time is often only 5 minutes in duration.

Finally! The little booger grows up! He's actually been pretty close to impossible. He's only got 2 more skill areas to work on before he gets full scholarships. Unlike Elspeth however, who takes forever to gain even one skill point. She's a freak I tells ya!

"Lookit Pops! We're learning!"

"Yeah Look, we'll get you those scholarships you've rolled wants for!"

"Why am I wearing this hat again?"

The children continue to work hard at being teen-agers. Marcas rolled family. I was going to go with one of the girls anyways, but that kinda just seals the deal.

I am a very sad panda! Why? Somehow during the moves and what have you the urn of Breanna went missing. I didn't notice it at the time, but now. It makes me sad.

In a desperate attempt to recover Breanna's tombstone we used some cheats (I'm fixing junk, it's allowed) So yeah. We got the phone of fixing things and lo and behold, Chardonnay cannot resurrect Breanna. Thinking it was just a glitch I got her to resurrect someone else.

"Dad? Is it really you? Have you come to take me to the other side where my beloved Brandi awaits in the heavenly hottub?"

"Seriously Bryn. I'm not even resurrected for 5 minutes and you're already starting on the woohoo talk. I didn't die and suddenly become fascinated by your love life.

"Oh....Hey dad I've discovered 7 planets this week. And I got abducted by aliens."

"Thats my boy!"

Unfortunately, despite being married to Breanna for a vast number of days, Tommek doesn't really remember her either. And he wasn't really interested in bonding with the existing family members, so we killed him off.

Speaking of Death. It's Busters time to go to the great doggy-park in the sky. We'll miss him. While he was no Jax, he certainly was no Sparky either. And he gave great spots. Fingers crossed, Pierre can live up to his legacy.

"Seriously, are birthdays like this around here too? Had I known this morning I'd be back, me and the girls woulda just chilled in the hot tub."

"Hot tubs are good for woohoo!"

"Well done Champ. Time to go."

Yeah, Bryn. *sob* I almost think it's harder than Tommek, Bryn is the first natural born Vulcan to pass away. And lets be honest. Brandi and he always made the house just that little more interesting.

"Hey I thought you guys only had that people mover?"

"I borrowed a car from the townie car pool. Cool huh?"

"Yeah. Anyway cuz, floor it! Its what Pops would have wanted!"

Of course it wouldn't be the sims without the token mourning then moving on. Elspeth is of course the first to get right back on that life horse. Anything is better than sticking around home building skill points.

On that rather depressing note I will leave you so I can play some more. The kids will soon be hitting the Iata Pi household for more college hijinks, and as a consequence Chardonnay & Ian will be getting a lifetime want fulfilled. Exciting stuff n'est pas?


ASimWen said...

Awww! Good bye Bryn! I'll miss ya!!!! *tear*

Kerry said...

Yeah, poor Bryn--oh well, I'm sure he and Brandi are steaming up the big hot tub in the sky!

That picture of Pierre the Wonder Poodle with his tongue sticking out in the car, was too much. I could hardly see well enough to read the rest of the update, I was laughing so hard I cried. Where's Fluffy when we need him?