Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chapter Thirty Three - All we need is love.

Welcome readers all to the third and final update in this current batch. Life for the Vulcans is just humming along, hummingly.

"Dad if neither of us are tinkerers why are we playing with the train set?"

"We're not playing. We're bonding."

Life in the main house is driving poor Marcas to distraction. Don't tell him, but he's been ready to move for a couple of days now, I've just put it off a little longer.

Aww look. Buffy (It is Buffy right? I get confused.) is sparkly! That can only mean one thing! Puppies!

Or rather Puppy singular. This little bundle of joy is Puffy. I think she's going to look like her daddy.

"Bye Mum. Bye Dad. Maybe I'll drop by to kick over your trash can from time to time."

Marcas finally gets to toddle off to college. He's over joyed honestly.

So is College all you were expecting it to be?

"Eh. I've only been here 5 seconds. But I see neither of my parents so it's already an improvement."

Brim full of excitement and passion, Marcas embarks upon his college career.

"Third time is the charm right?"

Uh. If you say so. But she's bowling 100% for primate posteriors.

"Hope springs eternal!"

"Thats what I like to hear girly! For $50 000 I can guarantee you a man with a face Jane Goodall would love."

Wotcha doin?

"Well the Matchmaker sucks, so I decided to take the money I would have spent on her and go on holiday. They have cute NPC's there right?"

Sure. I don't know how many of them are marriable though.

"Who said anything about marriage? I just want to get lei'ed."

Yeah. I'm sure.

Ninja's are so hot. Even if they deem my heir unworthy of learning how to teleport. Elspeth did manage to fill in every other Far East holiday memory except that one. But I know, and you know that the ninja is the only thing worth photographing whilst on holidays.

"Hey! Did you know you don't have any clothes on?"

"No way!"

"Totally way! And I guess it's pretty cold outside huh?"

*looks down.* "Bummer. Totally."

This is Jerome the streaker. We very nearly had him move in with the kidlets and become the next legacy spouse. But really that nose, it doubles as a ski jump. Perhaps in a generation or two when we are really desperate.

Actually, I think I might just keep Jerome for someone even more special than Elspeth. You've got to admire a man who can play the piano in the nude.

ROFLMAO! That is all.

Finally we managed to track down the Prince of Darkness himself. Count Forrest Something-or-rather! He's not the prettiest apple in the barrel, but the trick with getting pretty is to mix things up every so often. He's pretty mixed up n'est pas?

I kinda like Count Forrest more for Elspeth at the moment. He is also a pleasure sim, but apparently doesn't have very much money. Besides, I'm getting tired of all the dark haired babies that plague the Vulcan household. (And it seemed such a good idea at the time.)

Not to be left out, Marcas also scores his first kiss with Naenae the maid, who totally looks better now that we have slapped sufficient make-up upon her weird Hilary Duff face.

Just ROFLMAO again. I've been easily amused these last few days. This picture is priceless even if I can't think of a caption to go with it.

And thus we are all up to date with the Vulcans. College promises to be horribly tedious, so it is unlikely that I will take all that many pictures. But we do get to look forward to the relationship of the Ditz and the Undead. It promises to continue in the tradition of all the Vulcan partnerships so far.

Ka Kite ano!


ASimWen said...

Oh hahahah!

"Hey! Did you know you don't have any clothes on?"

"No way!"

"Totally way! And I guess it's pretty cold outside huh?"

*looks down.* "Bummer. Totally."


Anonymous said...

PLEASE READ THIS COMMENT PLEASE READ THE COMMENT PLEASE READ THIS COMMENT. i have read all of your entrys so far but i am new. how long is it between each new chapter. the most recent entry i have known is all we need is love and im dieing to write the next. have you lost your saved games or stopped writing. i hope you read this, i know you usually do but don not answer. please make an acception just this once i cannot wait for more.

Anonymous said...

sorry i meant read not write but still want to hear answer

Seraphyem said...

Anonymouse : Currently I am enrolled in a graduate diploma in Primary Teaching (Elementry-ish for americans). Which is equivalent to 18 months full time study, squished into a 12 month course. Understandibly, freetime has become a precious commodity. I haven't abandoned the Vulcans, just I have been very very very busy. It may be some time before I get enough to start posting again. I go out to a school in a couple of weeks, and after that have holidays with no homework. I'll see what I can do then :D