Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chapter Forty Five - Finally! The end of College

The title says it all really. We finally get to the end of college after 2+ months. I am still patting myself on the back.

The Iata Pi house is delightfully free of ghosts, with the exception of the feral cheerleader Chardonnay conspired to kill a couple of generations ago. This is in direct contrast to the main house where a sim may find themselves being scared whilst being scared. Thankfully the old folks are perma-plat, so they just toddle along to the Energiser to avoid any really embarrassing mishaps.

Boy. Has the time flown. Not. Fittingly, as Apple was the first Vulcan of this generation to enter college, she is also the first Vulcan to graduate and grow up. We have no complaints about her outfit. Nor does it seem Wyatt has, Phoenix is a little miffed however.

Uh yeah. I wish we could say the same about Gina's apparel, but obviously we can't. Motherlode will take care of that little problem I'm sure.

"Going so soon my love? I'll miss you.... Hey Ambrose, that top looks way hot on you."

As you can see Wyatt is completely heart broken to be left in the house with the two younger sisters. Completely.

"Dammit I didn't even get a chance to make any moves on either of them. And this shirt sucks."

That was kind of the plan. Their destinies do not involve you.

"Aww man. That bites."

At least your destiny is to never grow old and have more simoleons than you could possibly spend.

After a quick trip to the clothing boutique and pet store, Apple and Gina finally settle their differences and have a quiet little home ceremony.

After all it wouldn't do for little Tina's mothers not to have some sort of official relationship before she is dropped off at their door like a steaming hot pizza.

Wyatt and Ebony too settle down to domestic bliss, we had to be a bit quicker with these two, you know how romance sims are with the 'fears'.

Phoenix invites Robin something or rather to become the place-holder for the next generation of Vulcans. It'll be a while, but we're sure Robin won't mind having the Iata Pi house all to herself.

Finally it's the twins turn to grow up. Ambrose immediately harshes her buzz with a office workers uniform. She is not a happy hippy. It did however give me an idea for what Phoenix will spend the rest of her adult life wearing.

It's a sad sad day for us, Phoenix the last Vulcan is departing the Iata Pi house...

"Excuse me? But what the shooflee am I wearing?"

Hey don't blame me, I didn't get blind people to randomly assign clothes to newly transistioned sims. Talk to Mr. Wright.

"Oh I will alright, he can expect a firmly worded letter in his immediate future."

Uh, yeah. Quick back to Legacy Bay so that we can fix this travesty.

Poor Marcas is still having issues apparently. Not that Phoenix was particularly sympathetic to her uncles plight.

Seeing as we started this series of updates off with Ambrose purchasing her soul mate through the services of a somewhat dodgy gypsy, perhaps it is only fitting that we conclude with her and Professor Berjes celebrating their love in front of the generic spare townhouse. As you can see, her first priority was making sure no-one else would see her in her conformist outfit.

Finally college is over for another generation. And I for one am very pleased that I didn't tear my hair out and uninstall the game. But I am looking forward to getting generation Six underway, but first we will have to have a wedding fit for a couple of frisky fortune sims. Stay tuned.

Ka kite.

Chapter Forty Four - Life goes on

Well lets just get right back into it shall we? The kiddies are all chugging along swimmingly... mostly. Eh, I try not to pay to much attention to them in case they get used to it.

"Mmm mmm mmm mmmm I bet that boy has a pair of handcuffs and knows how to use them."

"Uh Phi, you know he can probably hear you right?"

"Oh." *blush*

Things are already looking up for our intrepid heiress. It appears that Ebony knew a certain Police Officer and decided to set them up, as I said, things are looking good.

Apparently Ambrose's gamble with the match-maker paid off. I don't know if Prof. Berjes is her soul-mate, but they seem to get along, then again I don't believe the good professor has ever seen Ambrose in anything other than her nightie.

We sure do hope that thats because he is concentrating on his slick dance moves, and not a reflection of Ambroses skill on the drum kit.

"Darling, I've been searching for you my whole life, and the whole of my previous life as well. I remember when you were a dancing girl, and the way you were dancing right now reminded me of those naughty little shimmies that incited me to brave the kings wrath... Now there is no king, and I want you by my side forever. Say you'll marry me and let the whole world know that our love transcends time and space."

"Of course my love! Becoming your spouse is far less daunting than anything else we have encountered in any of our incarnations."

Uh. Yeah. This really happened. True story.

"So.... Canni see your handcuffs?"

"But we've only just met..." *snicker*

"But Officer, I've been a bad bad girl."

"Perhaps I should search you for contraband?" *eyebrow waggle*

Um, yeah. No problems here obviously. Actually, all this relationship stuff that is happening is making me a little queasy, time to change the subject to something completely unrelated.

Pretty much the story goes that I had played the old modern lot for a lot longer than I actually blogged about it, and thusly I was bored. So I re-did the old Iata Pi house, this time with a slightly more collegiate theme to it. It looks pretty, and while it does take half an hour to travel from one side to the other, I like it for the time being.

This is the back view. The house itself features 4 bedrooms with ensuites and balconies, a large entry hall, open plan living and dining, a gym and a study. As I said, I kinda like it. Of course now the Iata Pi kiddies are well and truly poor college students, but I choose to believe it helps build character.

"So there I was trying on clothes, and Wyatt tries to come into the changing booth...."

"So why did you stop him?"

"I was just trying to help you choose the most flattering outfit sweeties..."

"Boys are pigs, you should switch teams."

"Obviously kharma was trying to reunite you with your soul mate."

"I'd like to try that, but I'd probably just get told I'm a disgusting pervert."

And on and on and on and on....never again will I let the whole household share a meal. I swear it took like 6 hours for them to finish gas bagging and get those pork chops down.

Euw! Euw euw! Okay, I have a tendancy to prefer neat sims, and Ebony is anything but neat, so she pees in the shower. Euw! This time I caught her, mostly however she keeps those truly disgusting impulses to herself.

Awww. Theres nothing like a little slow dancing to cement what is already yet another whirlwind relationship for young mistress Phoenix. This time however I approve, which makes it sweet rather than inconvenient.

"I'll never get engaged. I figure, if I don't get engaged, I wont get married, and then I can make money for myself and spend it on furniture and plants and no-one will nag me about it."

"I see. I'm saving myself for marriage."



Well then, this certainly is awkward. Considering our nefarious plans for this evening.

"Just listen to my proposal, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by what I have to offer. You do realize that if you get married you have twice as much money to spend on shrubbery and kitchen benches don't you my love?"

"I'm listening...."

"Not only that, but my families assets have accumulated to nearly 500,000 simoleons, including a holiday home on Twikki Island and our very own business. If you think about it, thats an awful amount of money, not even 2.5 dependants could make a dent in that, particularly if we manage the wealth astutely. We could even double it if we were so inclined. This is of course all dependant on you agreeing to the legal merger of our resources. Stick with me baby and I'll shower you with riches."

"Well, if you put it that way. I'd be a fool to pass up this opportunity."

Yeah. Long-winded right? Despite the flirting it seems that Shannon is a little gun-shy when it comes to marriage. Thankfully Phoenix used to be a knowledge sim, and thus was able to salvage the situation.

After the proposal, none of the girls were able to get a hold of Shannon, despite having him in their relationship panels. But being the tricky player that I am, I found that Elspeth also knew the reluctant groom and so I spent a few days in the Main house building up their relationship so that we could move him in and not loose him forever. Whilst we were there we were able to witness a very special miracle. As promised, Puffy was bred to a Fluffy clone and we're about to meet the result.

Of course it's early days yet, but Juppy promises to be a very special little boy indeed. I can't wait to see what his genetics spit out.

But that will have to wait, now that Shannon is officially part of the Vulcan household I've got to get the kids finished at Uni and out into the world. Which incidently is the subject of the next post. Better get cracking right?

Chapter Forty Three - Oops I did it again

Well, that took longer than expected but rejoice! For lo, I have returned from the nefarious clutches of Real Life temporarily to regale yon readers with more Vulcan carrying-ons! Between pregnancy complications (Diabetes sucks, you have been warned), loosing my passport whilst in Australia (I and my impending removal from the flat I have lived in for the past 6 years the game has also decided to throw more than a few fits. The kiddies have actually been in college for like 5 1/2 years instead of the usual 4, which given my love of Uni was well, a joy and a delight. No really. But I have told RL to stuff off for a few days and have wrangled my game into some semblance of a well behaved computer program, and below are the fruits of my labor. Enjoy!

"I wish to find the love I had in all of my previous incarnations. We're soulmates."

"Soulmates eh? It'll cost ya."

Immediately upon arrival at the Iata Pi house, Ambrose makes in roads in the fraternities funds. Apparently being born into the reasonably flush (well for me, they have like half a million now) Vulcan household has made her aware that everything can be bought, including true love.

Of course some things never change at the Iata Pi household, including the age old struggle between Good and Evil, or the Llama mascot and the Cow mascot as the case may be.

"So mum was right."

"Right about what?"

"You are an accurate way of gaging the temperature."


Ah Jerome, how we wish we could call you on the telephone machine, but alas it was not meant to be.

Once more we attempted to retrieve the tombstone of one Brianna Vulcan. My game had fits, and poor Marcas was the unwitting recipient of an aspiration failure. And no, Brianna is well and truly gone, which makes me sad, she was an evil wee ghosty.

On one of her infinite trips to all of the hottest downtown locations, Phoenix manages to find herself a 3-bolter, however he is of the townie variety, and unless I'm just starting out I don't like to encourage them.

Of course just because I don't like to encourage them doesn't mean that Phoenix is going to pay a blind bit of attention to my preferances.

"Darling, I know we have only known each other for a short amount of time, but after that marvelous first woohoo we just had I was inspired to dress formally and take the initiative. Please do me the honor and priviledge of becoming my spouse."

"*Much girly squealing.*"

"I'll take that as a yes then?"

Oh. Great. Just what I wanted. Really.

"Oooh *Psszzzft* That tingles."

Yeah, I hear lightening will do that. Perhaps you should rethink your engagement to Mr Whatshisface while you are in your vulnerable condition.

"Perhaps I should.... *Pssszzzft* I think I'm just going to lie down now."

Nothing like a near-death experience to plant some seeds of doubt.

"Why you dirty little cow! I saw what you just did to my girlfriend. Don't make me go Llama on your ass, I just got me a hankering for roast beef!"

Robin once more sticks her stinky little hooves in someone elses pie. Robin, we love you, wish we could call you on the telephone so that you too could join the Vulcans for full time fun rather than the cameos that you keep on making.

Phoenix gets down with her bad self. Less dangerous than playing outside in a thunderstorm, aaaand it gives her more opportunities to find those newly made-over NPC's that I may or may not have seeded in the neighbourhood....We did try without resorting to Extreme NPC Make-Over. Honest.

"So now that I've rolled Fortune, I'm like totally the greatest, I've made 9 million simoleons already today. If you're really good to me perhaps I'll give you a tidy little tip."

"Like I haven't heard that one before...."

"Fine, standard tip for you then bucko."

Yeah. Sophomore year saw Phoenix re-roll Fortune, so pretty much all she does is paint masterpieces and pine after unnecessary furnishings.

"Don't try and cuddle up to me Apple Vulcan, you didn't exactly run away screaming from that skanky cow."

"I thought she was going to ventrillo-fart me. Honest Gina."

"Euw, that makes it worse...."

Apple and Gina have hit a minor speed bump in their relationship, we have full confidence the kiddies will work it out. Or else, creepy Wyatt will start relaxing next to Apple while she is sleeping. (Yes he does that, and has 'wants' to do with Apple.)

"What do you mean you don't believe in handcuffs?"

"I just prefer the gentle caress of silk, thats all."

"Are you some kind of namby-pamby girl or something?"

"I'm more girl than you are, thats for sure."

Ahhh, this relationships discord however is music to my ears.

"I can't believe you just said that, you.... you.... you Nancy-boy! Take that."

"Careful of the hair!"

"The stars will make it look even better."

"Thats it, the creepy lady who talks to me sometimes was right. Townies ARE more trouble than they are worth. I want you to go get your stupid teddy bear and leave!"

"Mr Snugglebottom is not stupid! *sob*"

"Just leave already! Seriously!"

I'm absolutely heartbroken that this relationship has fallen to pieces. Really. Okay, not really, it was an awful lot of fun to watch and to write about however.

"Now I know why you guys come watch me and the Cow. This is better than TV!"

Of course Phoenix completely kicks Trevors behind just to re-enforce that the relationship is well and truly over for good. I knew I made a good choice for heir. She has all that fiery spirit distilled from generations of kooky Vulcan womens.

Of course this is not all of the hijinks we encountered during our time stuck in the halls of institutionalised boredom. I still have another update or two up my sleeve, I suggest you just keep on clicking the newer post button at the bottom of the page.