Saturday, June 7, 2008

Chapter Thirty Seven - Jungle Fever

Welcome back, hope you took the opportunity to grab fresh refreshments and...Hey wait a minute. Gotta sort this out. Back into the fray we go!

Elspeth Vulcan! Your husband never has, and never will wear a llama suit. Explain yourself missy!

"I need some time alone to consider where I want my life to go...."

Pull the other one sweetheart, you're seducing Amar aren't you?

"Well, he was a mascot, which is an NPC, and he is much more handsome than Forrest."

I thought you loved Forrest.

"I do, but in my case, love was not only blind, but aesthetically impaired as well."

Yeah. Forrest was the best out of slim pickings.

It started with a kiss.....

.... never thought it would come to this. One moment they were falling in love in the hot tub, the next minute they are jumping out to slap each other silly. With nary an inappropriate thought or speech bubble uttered.

Name: Amar Bransfield
Aspiration: Fortune
Star Sign: (oops I didn't look)
LTW: He has a degree in PoliSci, so I'm sure it has something to do with that.
Turn-ons: Make-up, Custom Hair Turn-off: Creativity
Personality: 5 Neat, 4 Outgoing, 9 Active, 3 Playful, 3 Nice

Yeah. Something about his profile seems to suggest we really weren't interested in much other than the ability to sire children who would look somewhat passable. He also freaked out a good long while after the slapping incident. I guess he really does love Mhairi.

I guess Elspeth really did go on holiday to get to know herself better. Long way to go however, we should probably try and get her aspiration up so that she can use the Social Glasses on herself. Yeah, I blame the Freetime patch thinger. Cos apparently her first BFF was Apple, which is a total lie.

Amar deals with things in his own way. Which happily for the Vulcans includes tending the holiday home gardens which tend to get neglected.

Elspeth prefers a more hands on approach to relaxation. Once her offspring by Amar is old enough she'll be back-packing and seeing if we can't fill in all of those holiday memory thingys. Forrest will not be coming with.

"Wow for me Mr. Voodoo man? You shouldn't have!"

Was this the real reason you came to the island Elspeth?

"Um. It was something for me to do after I heard the chimes?"

"Dododododo. We'll just keep on walking eh Apple? You can watch grandpa read and walk, and I can be so engrossed in the story I won't see your mother trying to kill your father okay baby?"


"Oooh I wonder what would happen if I put this pin here."

"Oooh did the temperature just drop my sweet?"

"Yeah okay."

It appears that some of Ian's characteristics breed true however, or apparently Genesis was very forthcoming when she was at the Iata Pi house with the kids.

"I came to see if you were doing okay Forrest. Over your chill?"

"Yeah, I am now that you mention it. I forgot how good the sun is."

"Good you just sit out here enjoying the hot summer sun. I'm going inside to go over the plans for the night club. Hehehehehe."

Uh-oh! This can't be good.

This doesn't look so good either. Apparently Elspeth wasn't just designing her new nightclub after all.

"Why isn't he dead yet?"

Yeah see this is just creepy. We really put our all into making Count Forrest die, he was practically living in the hot-tub. But still, no combustion. I'm really bad at killing sims :<.

Elspeths needs were a little low, so I figured I'd send her to the Energiser, but after her 3rd time passing out I realised that perhaps having it out in the yard where the 8 million dog ghosts are isn't such a good idea.

"Oh my goshness, my tummy went boing! Soon I will bear the fruit of my illicit affair!"

It's her third pregnancy and she's still surprised. She's still ditzy after all these days. I still luff her.

"Oh my Bob Gina, you have no idea how hard it is to kill a former vampire! I mean I cursed him so many times....What am I doing? Running around naked in the backyard. My doctor says it's good for the baby. *pause* Yeah you got me, what doctor right? I'm waiting for the paperboy, perhaps I can get him to kill Forrest."

Yeah. Elspeth is really starting to come into her own.

Amar drops into the bakery and meets his children for the first time. Yes children. Well not yet.

But it will be once Elspeth gets this plate of cheesecake goodness down her gullet. I figure I don't really want to have any more pregnancies until I know for sure that all the children are cosmetically impaired.

Gah! More deep meaningful stares perpetrated by the need to bathe the toddler. Speaking of which I realize I haven't included any pictures of wee Ebony here. Oops my bad.

Finally the day (or night) is at hand, in a specially color co-ordinated ceremony the Vulcan's related by blood and living in the same house prepare to welcome these new bundles of hope for the future of the family cheekbones!

And with that cliff-hanger I shall leave you. But of course you know that the twins were born fine, they are after all in the list for generation five. But will all this effort be worth it? Or will we have a 4 way competition for the title of Heir?

I really don't know yet either. I have to go play some more to find out what is happening. But rest assured I will play my little fingers to the nubbins trying to find out these answers and more. Or maybe I'll sleep. Who knows, thats part of the allure of this not very Vulcan Legacy!

Chapter Thirty Six - No place like home

Welcome back to yet another exciting episode of 'A (not) very Vulcan Legacy'! I know, 4 posts in 3 months is a little excessive, but I have had more time on my hands given that the precious wee 5 year olds I'm currently teaching are in fact plague carriers and have infected me.... But they are lovely really. :D Without further preamble let us enter the world of the Vulcans once more.

Continuing an old family tradition, Pierre the wonder poodle carks it when Elspeth comes home. Despite only having been with the family for a short time, Chardonnay seemed rather upset. So did the maid come to think of it.

Of course Elspeth decided that she wanted her very own business, she was very put out with her mother for selling the old family lot, so she bought it back. This week it's a bakery, I suspect next week it'll be a night-club as well, it isn't all that fun really.

"Woohoo! Alright! I LOVE THIS BED!"

"Stupid cow, never had a romantic interaction with her, but she still cheated on me with my boyfriend...."

Yeah. The diverse faces of Vulcan emotions. Tommek's legacy of Vulcan Logic already seems to have been diluted. Who am I kidding, it's non-existent.

Speaking of boyfriends, and dilution of the gene pool. Count Forrest is now ensconced within the happy walls of the Vulcan Enclave. Bleh!

"Hmm. The taste is okay. The texture however is far too watery."

"Will you just drink it already? Unless you want to die a horrible sunburn death."

"Well, I really enjoy cuisine experiences."

Name: Count Forest Hogan
Aspiration: Pleasure
Star Sign: Cancer
LTW: Become a Professional Game Designer
Turn-ons: Full Face Make-up, Black Hair Turn-off: Creativity
Personality: 9 Neat, 5 Outgoing, 3 Active, 4 Playful, 5 Nice

It is time for us to be making Generation Five! No way! Seems like just yesterday we were scouring downtown in desperation to find a suitable mate for our unlucky time and space traveling Mr Tommek.

Yay! We have been successful, the bun is in the oven!

"Oh my goshness! Look at my belly go!"

"Stupid Landgrabbe, if I were still the prince of darkness I would bite him, then push him into a tanning salon!"

At least someone is excited about the forth-coming progeny.

OH DEAR BOB! There no right words to describe this... this...Puffy! Although I do like the fact she kinda looks like she is sporting a beehive hair-do.

Aww another wedding on the Vulcan lot. This time not properly documented cos I forgot to turn off the Special Events camera when I re-installed. (On a side note, I did re-install, and successfully managed to preserve the Vulcans. I'm so proud of myself!)

Awww. They had a good wedding party, and they only had one wedding party. Which I think is a first for the Vulcans. Then again I didn't book them on a honeymoon on account of the delicate condition of the bride.

While this tummy gets bigger, a former Vampire sleeps.

While his wife struggles to bring forth his first born, a former Vampire sleeps.

While his father in law comes to greet the newest addition to the family, a former...well you get the idea. Forest is rather fond of sleeping like the dead.

Even Tommek makes himself known to little Apple, the first of the generation five children. As you can see Elspeth was simply overjoyed.

We've managed to yet again amass a goodly number of Elixir's which are taking up far too much space, so we'll take a picture and delete the lot of them :D.

Fans of the Vulcans may have noticed I don't ordinarily include the UI, but Apple was being a pain. It took her nearly 12 hours, and a birthday cake to finally get a twirl. All the while poor Elspeth is in her final day of pregnancy. It was a nervous making moment.

But finally Apple got her priorities sorted, and we have our first toddler for this generation. With the new FreeTime patch however it means all the adults in the household will stand around trying to give her a bath, even going so far as to wake her up from a desperately needed nap to dip her toes in the warm bubbly water. Yeah.

And this is wee Ebony. You didn't need to see the birth scene, mostly because we've all seen so many before. The green eyes are exciting, however I fear that her father's genetics may over-power her mothers.

Where are you going Elspeth? Don't you have daughters to look after?

"I can't take it anymore. I hate it here! Why did you have to make me have so many babies? I need some time to get my head together. I'm leaving the house! I'm going to go eat some worms...." Etc etc yadda yadda yadda.

Ooooh kay then. Hmm. I suspect something may be up. I'll just have to write the next chapter so we can all find out why and where and when and what Elspeth is up too. Until then, have fun.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Chapter Thirty Five - Tickle me Emo

So it's only taken me about 3 months to write 2 chapters. I'm quite proud really. If only I knew my results so far already. Ah well, back to the show I call Vulcan.

Of course, the finely tuned nose of Mr Penguin could sense that the children had been fishing.

Of course we don't store our fresh fish on the carpet, we just figured that Mr Penguin should be rewarded for his astute deductions. Just look at those beady little eyes alight with joy!

Who the bleeding heck are you?

"I'm Elspeth. The heir?"

What did you do? Where is the clueless make up?"

"Eh, I'm over that look, and Forrest recommended his stylist. He said if I didn't change my look for something he could be seen out with he wouldn't marry me."

Ah. Yeah, well. Yeah. I got owned.

Elspeth and Marcas head off to the dance studio. Elspeth successfully demonstrates that her new look is indeed a people magnet. Even the DJ seems impressed.

"The DJ is a moron."

Shush Marcas.

"I'm just as interesting as she is. I don't need a ton of eye make-up."

No you have that dashing earring.

"Darn tooting."

I am bored with the warren of rooms that the Iata Pi household has become, so I sent the children out so I could do some drastic remodelling. We're going from dinky Spanish inspired to open-plan modern. Should be interesting.

Much like fish, snowmen seem to be penguin magnets. Except Mhairi's. Hers is just skeery. But I do think the flame wreathed hat is a nice touch.

Mhairi isn't all mean and grumpy. Here she is helping Amar relax with a soothing romantic massage in the new gym. Which despite my spending a zillion simoleons on decorative objects makes the children cry.

Mhairi graduated Summa cum Laude, with a degree in something. Um. Oh gosh! Literature

Amar followed shortly after with a degree in Political Science. He still seems rather attached to his llama hat.

After a move back to Legacy Bay and a surprise lottery win...yeah. Lotto. The two happy lovebirds have a quick simple ceremony and become Mr and Mrs Bransfield. Now I can happily ignore them and get back to making babies in the main household.

"I don't know what you think you are doing, but if you want me to be your placeholder Vulcan you've got to think harder."

Drama in the bathroom. Oh noes! This is Gina Day, the cheerleading placeholder of the Iata Pi household.

The cow continues to be a HUGE pain in the bottom. See what she did to the date? Now how am I going to get Elspeth to the energizer. This is the first time I've ever seen the date box that color.

Time for some fun in the sun. The kids settle in for Elspeths final semester. With a little help from Jerome, who is overjoyed that the weather is heating up again.

Um? Nice clothes there Elspeth.

"Yeah. Like I have a choice what I grow up into."

Yes thats right! Elspeth is now all grown-up, with a degree in Philosophy! Time to make some babies Els!

As you can see, Gina is a finely honed athlete as well as a paragon of Etiquette. Yeah. To the Gym with you young lady!

Ah, thats much better. And you look good too.

If you ever wondered what the professors are doing when they aren't constantly bugging your sims, this little tableau unfolded before my very own eyes. I'm not entirely sure what happened either...And I was watching it live. Apparently Professor Cherry Wade is a very friendly lady.

Finally the baby graduates, and discovers his inner Goopy. Nice Marcas, very nice. But this means that Chardonnay and Ian have achieved thier lifetime wants, which doesn't really mean anything now that I have installed Freetime.

And in conclusion, this lovely night-time ceremony joining Marcas to his Naenae. Yeah, we don't exactly remember when Naenae got bitten, there were so many instances of biting during the childrens time at the Iata Pi house, but rejoice, shortly after they were wed, Marcas gave her some medicine, and she is all better now.

And here we will leave the Ever Expanding Vulcans. We will soon be entereing the brave new world of generation 5! Just as soon as night falls in the main house and we can invite Count Forrest over.