Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chapter Thirty Nine - Very Domestic

Let us just drive right into the unfolding melodrama that is my attempt to get one family to 10 generations. Despite having The Sims 2 since late 2004, this is the first time I have managed to get even this far during my love-hate relationship with the game that is Legacy. To make things even worse? I'm currently reading Asimwen's Prosperity Falls, and I want to make one of those neighbourhoods next :D Maybe next year.

The things we do to keep a certain piratical family sim happy. I'm not very happy, Ian is probably going to die tonight, and of course, his aspiration meter is hovering on the platinum, gold verge....I fear my run of golden tombstones is coming to an end.

"So. Dad, how come you're not dead yet?"

"*shrug* Beats me. There isn't anything on the telly tonight is there?"

"You and mum should have a date or something. Y'know, keep your mind off your impending demise and stuff."

Yeah, I'm sure Ian would find that preferable to sitting with his death-obsessed daughter.

Of course deciding that Grim wasn't going to make an appearance, we took Elspeth's advice we just got his aspiration above the platinum line, when we hear the ghostly sounds of the ukulele. Dagnabit, his aspiration dropped just as Grim handed him his cocktail. Ian Mamuyac you have ALOT to answer for! But I'll miss you, you crazy pirate.

Even the twins sensed something was up, their beloved Gwampie was leaving them forever. That and the fact they wanted more glowing green numnums. The whole family was devastated, but of course being sims, that quickly waned. Life goes on after all.

The gardener continues to well. We're not sure what she is doing, seeing as we have no elligible males in the family at this current time. I'm sure she's just ensuring that we don't forget her as soon as one of those elusive boys are born to the family.

"I died looking hot! I had a hot dress picked out for my eternal rest, and what do I get? This stupid professors outfit. BOO! Boo! I say."

Hai Brandi! We're sad about your hot not grandma body not being properly displayed as well.

About 2 days after Ian passed to the big pirate ship in the sky, Chardonnay started rolling wants to fall in love again. We rang the match-maker et voila, we have a 'friend' for Chardonnay.

"Wow! My digits are now suitably refined for me to operate all kinds of neato gadgets! I think I am going to enjoy being old enough to use the facilities!"

Young Phoenix grows up well, and in Duckie jammies too!

"Not only are my fingers well formed, but my legs are able to propel me to new heights! Well done my fraternal twin, together we can conquer Legacy Bay in the name of Science and Logic!"

"Hey, did I just break a nail? Oh no!"

Of course Ambrose follows shortly after, much to the delight of her sister. Her hair is brown, just I have all kinds of shades of brown in my vast stores of custom hair, and Ambrose seems to suit the not quite blonde shade.

See? Elspeth isn't all about Death and woohoo and the karaoke machine. She's reached "perma-plat" and she still has a lot of life to live. Well done, take a bow.

"And this is the room where I was conceived...."

"Woohoo! What a room!"

Ah, Spring time, the smell of flowers and the embarrasing awkardness of Headmasters visits. Of course the Vulcans are old hats at this kinda thing, and all 4 girls got into private school.

And not a moment too soon for Apple! She grew up right in the middle of the tour, rolling the immediate want to buy a cell phone, and to get scholarships. If you don't see the girls much its because they are all busy skilling. Apple only has to work on Mechanical and Cleaning to get all her skills based scholarships. No time for childhood in this family.

"Mooom Nooo! I know the only father we've ever known is Forrest, but noooo!"

"How could you?! And with your husband."

This was unforeseen. And a little amusing. The girls have never met Amar, but as soon as Elspeth and Forrest gave into their vernal urgings, the girls stopped painting and burst into tears. Thankfully, they soon adjusted to the fact that Elspeth on occasion does actually like her husband. I think it is important to remember, whilst Elspeth was trying to kill Forrest, these two little flowers were in her womb, Bob only knows what kinda vibes they picked up.

Finally! After 3 generations I have my Tommek playing ghostly Fetch picture! Now if my computer gets eaten by Aliens, I can say that I have seen this and my life is complete.

I will conclude this installment with this shot of the girls hard at work on their homework. I find the lounge the best place for them to do the homework, Elspeth is normally in her togs at this time. The lure of the hot tub is irrisitable for any Pleasure Sim.


ASimWen said...

*blushing* You are reading the Falls???? Thank you! Now I must get an entry written for it, you have motivated me!

Seraphyem said...

Yep :D I started sometime last week (wed-fri I think) and just finished right this minite (well 5 minutes ago shush).

I wanna make a freckly family and an orange family and a snow-leopard family.... but instead I'll try some other things. :D