Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chapter Forty - Another one bites the dust

We're almost at an end of this round of updating. This will bring you right to where I am in game-play. Of course I still have a couple of secrets up my sleeve :D

"Hey is that pirate booty?"



Forrest decides to get some of his own back, after all Chardonnay did not try to intervene in her daughters nefarious schemes.

"Cool dad, a Simvac! What are you doing to Grammy?"

Yeah. We don't use the Simvac normally, and this is the first and last time it has been used in the Vulcan Household. It creeps us out it does. (Us = me and BabyBob, the jellybean living in my tummy.)

It is time for Ebony to grow up. We fear for her, she seems to have gotten her dad's nose, and we have trouble predicting what children are going to grow up like.

Apple uses the distraction of her sisters newly found teenhood to sneak off. Well in all honesty the two events were hours apart, and she was very nearly caught by her mother, but all in all the sneak-out was a success.

Elspeth makes me proud. Bless her little pixilated socks. She's the first Sim I've managed to get a full lifetime aspiration meter for. I guess it must be all those dates she keeps on wanting.

"Maybe I could push Forrest down here. It doesn't look that deep, so maybe he wouldn't die. But maybe he would!"

We had the Garden Club over for the very first time. Elspeth aced it with the help of Chardonnay and the Gardener of course. Elspeth is enthralled by her latest garden ornament.

"Wow! Where'd this big bag of cash come from? I don't remember painting anything lately."

Of course, just cos we gots the well, doesn't mean its functional.

Gina pops round to talk to the girls about joining Iata Pi, how hard it is to be pretty and popular *yawn* I didn't really listen all that much. The whole Greek House thing is a pretty foreign concept for me.

However Gina and Apple did get along like a house on fire. Thats what we like to see. And no I'm not forcing anything, both of them developed reactions to the same gender independantly. But it does make it nice and neat for me. I like it when things work out like that.

Yay! Count Forrest has also reached the lofty heights of Pretend Perma-Plat! Wow I'm on fire this generation. Of course, I will get him to take a couple of jobs and leave them now, I have realised we are behind with the Career rewards. Elspeth might have to grab another one as well. Not that they have much more time to go job hunting, old age is looming.

Heheheehehehehehehe. Sorry, this amused me, normally Forrest brings Paden home, I think they bond over undead experiences. What is also normal is for Forrest to come home at night. Now that he is a Game Designer he comes home during the day, and Paden runs off steaming :D

Ebony nabs a promotion to Law Secretary, and the Young Enterprenuers Scholarship. She's ready for Uni, and not all that scary looking after all.

"Huh? What is it with you People? Seriously, why must you die on the very same day your multiples have to choose turn-ons.... If I hadn't just extended my kitchen I swear I'd never come back to this place. Monkey s**t outfit.... *mutter mutter mutter*"

Hai Grim! In our defense we were expecting you to appear last night. What kept you?

"*cough* I have a new Hula girl, she used to be a gymnast. She's very flexible...."

Alright I don't want to know. Just Give Chardonnay her drinkies and take her to the big pirate ship in the sky!

"Until next time...."

Fitting last words, I think I'll steal them. Until next time!

Oh and yeah Sorry I missed the twins growning up, but you know it's a very busy time in the Vulcan household. You'll see more in the next update I promise!

Chapter Thirty Nine - Very Domestic

Let us just drive right into the unfolding melodrama that is my attempt to get one family to 10 generations. Despite having The Sims 2 since late 2004, this is the first time I have managed to get even this far during my love-hate relationship with the game that is Legacy. To make things even worse? I'm currently reading Asimwen's Prosperity Falls, and I want to make one of those neighbourhoods next :D Maybe next year.

The things we do to keep a certain piratical family sim happy. I'm not very happy, Ian is probably going to die tonight, and of course, his aspiration meter is hovering on the platinum, gold verge....I fear my run of golden tombstones is coming to an end.

"So. Dad, how come you're not dead yet?"

"*shrug* Beats me. There isn't anything on the telly tonight is there?"

"You and mum should have a date or something. Y'know, keep your mind off your impending demise and stuff."

Yeah, I'm sure Ian would find that preferable to sitting with his death-obsessed daughter.

Of course deciding that Grim wasn't going to make an appearance, we took Elspeth's advice we just got his aspiration above the platinum line, when we hear the ghostly sounds of the ukulele. Dagnabit, his aspiration dropped just as Grim handed him his cocktail. Ian Mamuyac you have ALOT to answer for! But I'll miss you, you crazy pirate.

Even the twins sensed something was up, their beloved Gwampie was leaving them forever. That and the fact they wanted more glowing green numnums. The whole family was devastated, but of course being sims, that quickly waned. Life goes on after all.

The gardener continues to well. We're not sure what she is doing, seeing as we have no elligible males in the family at this current time. I'm sure she's just ensuring that we don't forget her as soon as one of those elusive boys are born to the family.

"I died looking hot! I had a hot dress picked out for my eternal rest, and what do I get? This stupid professors outfit. BOO! Boo! I say."

Hai Brandi! We're sad about your hot not grandma body not being properly displayed as well.

About 2 days after Ian passed to the big pirate ship in the sky, Chardonnay started rolling wants to fall in love again. We rang the match-maker et voila, we have a 'friend' for Chardonnay.

"Wow! My digits are now suitably refined for me to operate all kinds of neato gadgets! I think I am going to enjoy being old enough to use the facilities!"

Young Phoenix grows up well, and in Duckie jammies too!

"Not only are my fingers well formed, but my legs are able to propel me to new heights! Well done my fraternal twin, together we can conquer Legacy Bay in the name of Science and Logic!"

"Hey, did I just break a nail? Oh no!"

Of course Ambrose follows shortly after, much to the delight of her sister. Her hair is brown, just I have all kinds of shades of brown in my vast stores of custom hair, and Ambrose seems to suit the not quite blonde shade.

See? Elspeth isn't all about Death and woohoo and the karaoke machine. She's reached "perma-plat" and she still has a lot of life to live. Well done, take a bow.

"And this is the room where I was conceived...."

"Woohoo! What a room!"

Ah, Spring time, the smell of flowers and the embarrasing awkardness of Headmasters visits. Of course the Vulcans are old hats at this kinda thing, and all 4 girls got into private school.

And not a moment too soon for Apple! She grew up right in the middle of the tour, rolling the immediate want to buy a cell phone, and to get scholarships. If you don't see the girls much its because they are all busy skilling. Apple only has to work on Mechanical and Cleaning to get all her skills based scholarships. No time for childhood in this family.

"Mooom Nooo! I know the only father we've ever known is Forrest, but noooo!"

"How could you?! And with your husband."

This was unforeseen. And a little amusing. The girls have never met Amar, but as soon as Elspeth and Forrest gave into their vernal urgings, the girls stopped painting and burst into tears. Thankfully, they soon adjusted to the fact that Elspeth on occasion does actually like her husband. I think it is important to remember, whilst Elspeth was trying to kill Forrest, these two little flowers were in her womb, Bob only knows what kinda vibes they picked up.

Finally! After 3 generations I have my Tommek playing ghostly Fetch picture! Now if my computer gets eaten by Aliens, I can say that I have seen this and my life is complete.

I will conclude this installment with this shot of the girls hard at work on their homework. I find the lounge the best place for them to do the homework, Elspeth is normally in her togs at this time. The lure of the hot tub is irrisitable for any Pleasure Sim.

Chapter Thrity Eight - Metamorphosis

Welcome back loyal readers! I know it's been a month, but I have a triple medley of Vulcan shenanigans for your enjoyment! I'm just starting week 2 of my mid-year break. So I'm taking things slowly :D. Very slowly. I am currently enjoying my very first first trimester. While like any good NPC I don't have morning sickness, I do find I need sleep more than most pregnant sims. It is doing wonders for my body clock lemme tell you!

Please allow me to formally introduce Phoenix and Ambrose Vulcan. The last little girls born to this generation so help me Bob!. You can't really tell which is which due to the lovely sun through the windows, but I believe that Phoenix is looking at the camera whilst Ambrose is contemplating the great outdoors.

This is the bakery that Elspeth purchased in previous chapters. Of course the bakery now only operates out of the tiny bay to one side, the rest of the building has been dedicated to Mama Elspeths Nightclub.

"They call me the Wiiild Rooooose...."

"Hey this song is creepy."

"Keep singin if you want that bonus Zheeshan..... But my name was Eliza Day."

Of course the nightclub is packed with all kinds of goodies that Elspeth just can't keep her hands off. Like the Karoke machine. Seriously!

Count Forrest has seemingly put all the past troubles behind him. He's not the most motivated sim, but he does help out with fatherly duties a lot, which makes me think perhaps we should keep him around.

Wee Phoenix inherited her mothers hair, and grandpa's eyes. Which is very exciting.

Ambrose inherited brown hair and grey eyes, and as you can see, Count Forrest is perfectly happy believing that she is one of his own. He really is a good daddy.

"You've been a wonderful employee, but since I changed to a nightclub bakery, no one is interested in the baked goods. Call me when you're in college, we might be able to sort stuff out."

I shoulda guessed that the bakery would be phased out.

Wee Apple. Yes. She's not that bad really, I don't know what all the panic was about really.

"Children these days. Don't stand in front of the door young lady. I have a baby to put into a crib!"

This is Ebony, not that we really see much of her, Here she is just about to enter the brave new world of Childhood.

Obviously not much happens between birthdays in the Vulcan Enclave, here is wee Ambrose all grown up into a sweet wee toddler. She definitely has her daddy's nose.

And here is Phoenix, also all grown up into a quite different toddler to her twin sister. She is quite recognizably a Vulcan through and through :D

*cough* Wotcha doin Forrest?

"Fixing the Stereo, like my lovely wife asked."

I'll be back in a minute.

Some habits die hard, however Count Forrest was never in any danger, mostly because we want him to die, he will outlife Elspeth and die peacefully in the toilet or some other hard to photograph place.

Anyone else creeped out? Elspeth and Forrest do actually like each other, and a quick easy way for them to get aspiration points is to date, which of course leads to woohoo. But it appears that they have an audience, none other than Elspeths great uncle Paden. Eeeuw! Wait, I think he's her great uncle. I'd have to check the Family Tree.