Monday, November 5, 2007

Chapter Five - Fluffy puppies!

Oh yes, as threatened, in this chapter Fluffy gets to reproduce! I can hardly contain myself. Fluffy puppies! (Seriously, in the time that I have had TS2 pets, I have never felt this way about them before. Fluffy is special.)

"Now, I am being compelled to compel you to try for puppies with Jax, as much as I fear the consequences why don't you be a good pooch and do what doggies do best."

Tommek! Really.

"Just stating a fact, Ms Observer."

Fluffy is a good obediant dog, so she immediately fills Jax in on the deal. As Tommek said, these pooches don't really need any encouragement.

Just because they don't need encouragement doesn't mean that they can't get it. Apparently Mr Creepy Townie Guy felt the need to waltz through the house to watch the goings-on in the dog house. Yeah I thought it was creepy too....even creepier is the fact he frequently hangs out at the pet shop.

As promised, here is a picture of Bryn. Turning into a toddler no less, babies are pretty much generic n'est pas?

Paden is forced to get jiggy wit his momma after Bryn preempts the creepy talking bunny head.

"Nomnomnomnomnom. Nomnomnomnom."

The family tradition of using dogs as chew toys continues.

"I predict that the combination of the light-bulb hat, and my new improved baby formula will indeed have you walking before you start throwing a sleep-deprived tantrum Bryn...."

Need I remind you Tommek is a Vulcan, and not a fortune-teller.

Oh that can't be a good face.

"Yay! I have pink PJ's. I might escape the maid yet!"

Paden transitions into a child, a child with a penchant for pink, Barbara Streisand, and organic face masks.

After a good nights nap, Tommek and Bryn revisit the learning to walk scenario with resounding success. So resounding that they need only one doodad for the pair of them. Now thats talent I tells ya.

"Backstreets back. Alright! Man, the school bus is here, I'll just have to continue choreographing my routine when I get home."

Yeah, I'm beginning to wonder about Paden, obviously the deliriously happy, and vocationally unchallenged Claire has scared him just a little bit.

Whats wrong Fluffy? Little Timmy fell down a well? There are aliens approaching? The end is nigh? Why you lying down on the ground?


Of course all three puppies have the exact personalities as their parents (Pisces puppies!), and I figure it must have been a little crowded inside Fluffy, with the three of them, because all of them ran around crazily as soon as they appeared in their little cloud of sparkles. Fluffy is a good mommy though, see.

"Thanks for helping me with my homework mummy. I think I now have a grasp on complex algebraic equations."

"Any time Paden dear, your natural grasp of complex concepts is really quite astounding. I doubt anyone would believe us without compelling documentation." *Cough cough*

Of course during the excitement, Breanna tought Paden how to do homework, easily forgettable in the excitement of puppies. I went to the pet store yesterday, they had lots of puppies, I'm not allowed real puppies. Cough. Anywho, back to it.

"Bryn luffs puppy." *squeeze* "Bryn luffs you that much."

Surprisingly Bryn really has a thing for the animals, he frequently prefers to follow them around and give them cuddles, his parents are only good for bottles apparently.

And all the puppies do is play with each other. I got 2 boys and a girl. I called them Jiffy, Fax and Jaffa. Of course, 5 dogs in the house is driving me insane, and I forget to fill the dog bowls up every 10 minutes, so Jiffy and Fax were sent off to live the life of the eternal adoptable puppy. They still play. (Jaffa obviously is the girl puppy.)

Don't even think about it Tommek!

"What? I was merely giving this juvenille canine a little love and affection...."

Your lies don't wash with me. I know you're really testing the wieght and aerodynamic properties of that puppy. I'm watching you Vulcan.

"Seriously you wrong me. I can be affectionate with my pets."

You're a Vulcan, you don't feel love or affection.


*giggle* "Silly Jax, big boys dun need kissies." *giggle* "Again, again!"

As I said, Bryn is a regular little David Attenborough. (<-- Childhood Hero)

This has been happening rather a lot of late. Fluffy frequently challenges Jax, I think it's over the sleeping arrangements, even though there are 3 beds and 3 dogs. But it's alright, they've already had puppies, Jax's purpose is pretty much over. Just don't tell him that.

"Outta my way butterflies, I've got a red hot A+ report card, and a mother on the toilet...."

The first of many, thankfully they tweaked the eternal A+ report card dance, now it only shows up once per child, instead of every freaking day.

This is a sad moment for the Vulcan household, the last diaper wearing member is about to age transition. Oh, who am I kidding? It's fan-freaking-tastic. Spin Bryn, spin!

(And yes, I know Breanna has orange shoes, they looked red in the shopping window....thats my story and I'm sticking to it!)

And thus concludes yet another chapter of A (not) very Vulcan Legacy. Things are starting to happen now, the house is almost complete, the children are growing, and skill points are being earnt at a tremendous rate. Aren't you glad I spare all those boring moments?


ASimWen said...

Heh...Yup, looks like things are comin' right along. Dogs born, kids growing up. It will be interesting to see what the puppies look like!

Bubbs said...

Poor Bryn is ignored! We need to call the sim support line! Neglected sim alert!

Loving the story!