Saturday, December 8, 2007

Chapter Fifteen - Life rollercoaster.

Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed the intermission. I remember when movies still had intermissions...back in the olden days.... Anywho, on with it I guess.

Bryn loves his shop. He spends quiet a lot of time making stuff or restocking. And he actually rolls up wants for it. Brandi isn't so dedicated. She seems to think we have the time and inclination to let her date like we did before she was perma-plat. For a professor, Brandi can be awfully thick sometimes.

"I love my shop. The ocean view, the fresh aroma of slightly endangered plants...."

Why do you come here in your rock god duds?

"To prove that manly men can enjoy the floral arts as well."


"So I just tap on this thing, and I make a brick?"

Well given the size of that square and the size of a brick I'm guessing you have quite a bit of tapping in front of you Brandi.

"You're not making me make toys cos I'm pregnant are you?"

No. This is purely finical. Vulcan & Sons is branching out into the toy business.

There's another scholarship under Chardonnays belt. She still has to catch up with her brother though, who is currently platinum because of all the lovely skill points I've been forcing him to collect. Knowledge sims are easy.

"Darling I made you a present!"

"You made me a present?"

"Actually it's about 50 presents, and they weigh a ton, take this stupid box from me before I drop it on your foot."

"Yes dear."

"Bob dammit woman, would it really kill you to wear clothes?"

Another beautiful family moment bought to you by Vulcan & Sons Trading Company. Happy holidays one and all! Etc etc yadda yadda yadda.

Aww now Jaffa has grown old and wrinkly. This makes me sad, not as sad as Fluffy, but Sad none-the-less. I remember when she was a cute generic puppy, now she's old, and soon she'll be joining the ghostly dog patrol. The circle of life is a circle my friends.

"So you're cool to teach our dog some stuff? We'd do it ourselves, but the novelty has kinda worn off to be honest."

"It's no problem at all Mr Vulcan. You are paying me a small ransom."

I've never called the Obedience Trainer before. I didn't know what to expect, I certainly wasn't expecting the mammoth sized bill, or the very posh and proper accent. (I know, simlish has an accent? No wai!)

Paden and Claire stop by for a little visit. But it's been so long they have no idea of the current timetable in the main Vulcan household. Shortly after they arrived, all family members were gainfully employed in paid employment. That's okay, Paden just wanted to play chess anyways. I have no idea where Claire got to.

"Stupid fans. Stupid. I hate them all."

Bryn got a demotion. Dave Mide has ALOT to answer too. I may even consider a little gratuitous Dave Mide beating.... Of course, this makes Bryn cry like a little girl. His fathers death was nothing compared to making a fool of himself in front of a stadium full of fans.

Are you sure you want to be playing with that Hennessy? I know your mother made it, but lets face it, I don't believe good things come out of boxes that look like that.

"My mother doesn't scare me. She wanders around in her underwear for pete's sake."

"Oh sweet bob! The devil clown nearly made me wet myself! I'm beginning to suspect my mother is evil."

I did warn you. And it's not your mother that is evil. After all she didn't place that Jack-in-the-box there to tempt you.

"Now Spiffy, we will learn the macarena!"

The obedience lady is slowly working up the list of commands that Spiffy managed to by-pass thanks to my normally stellar chance card choices.

"Ah! The rain is hard and hurting me!"

It's called 'hail' Hennessy. If you go inside, you'll avoid it completely.

"It's freezing my brain!"

And you call yourself a knowledge sim!

And here is where we will leave you for the time being. I think I need to find Chardonnay a boyfriend, either that, or a zillion puppies and/or kittens. Which I don't really want to deal with. The time is fast approaching when we must find a mate for Spiffy, and well, her family line has always had difficulty in that department.


Bubbs said...

Bryn cried more over his job demotion than his father? Hehe!

"Oh sweet bob! The devil clown nearly made me wet myself! I'm beginning to suspect my mother is evil." - ROFLMAO!!!

Hennessy isn't going to die by hail, is he??

ASimWen said...

Well Bubbs beat me to it>>>>

"Oh sweet bob! The devil clown nearly made me wet myself! I'm beginning to suspect my mother is evil." -

That has to be the funniest line in here!