Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chapter Twenty - The screaming memes

This chapter isn't so much a college chapter, but more a sometimes these Sims are creepy and weird and very very funny. I was going to make it a little more seasonal with Bryn and Brandi hosting a Christmas party. However, after you've baked the cookies and stuff there really isn't all that much else to do.

Of course you could make friends with Santa, the laughing weeing old man in a big red suit. Bryn did, and I think Ian did too. But then the fuzz got wind of the party and at the obscenely late hour of 11pm came and broke the party up. Because the noise was disturbing the neighbours five kilometres away.

"Love you hun."

"Love you too baby."

"Wanna check on the twins?"

"Can't I'm about to PUG Kara."

"Well I can't either, I've got to play the Sims."

"They'll be okay."

I thought I'd give you an update on the Imaginary Me's as well. As you can see Everything is hunky-dory thanks to the help of the creepy little baby of fixing things. And yes, if we had twins the conversation would go something like that....I blame Lee and that's all I have to say on the matter.

"If you had checked on them when I had told you none of this would have happened...."

"If I had been asked if I wanted twins it wouldn't have happened either!"

Yeah, it was raining, then it lighteninged and made the gate catch on fire so I made the newly teened Angel put it out. The newly childed Xanthe came out to look and caught herself on fire. She was this close to dying, but I managed to find the phone in the end. Of course once the original fire was out, Angel immediately joined her dad in panicking and it was only my imaginary self's valiant actions that prevented my imaginary child from dying.

Of course the fireman arrived about 30 seconds too late, but as you can see Xanthe managed to survive okay. I also bought a pretty calendar from the fire lady. All in the name of child cancer charity of course.

"Fire bad. Tree Pretty."

Believing that the action was over I was about to return to the regularly scheduled Vulcan's when lo and behold I hearkened upon this scene. Poor Imaginary Lee. Nearly losing his imaginary daughter sent him into aspiration failure. Not that Xanthe or Angel particularly care. And where is our 3rd imaginary child I hear you ask? (OK you didn't, but knowing where he is just makes things funnier)

"Sweet sweet technology, at last I have you all to myself....educate me in the ways of the gamer and I will be your minion forever!"

Yup, our beloved imaginary boy is also a geek. Whilst he did manage to call the fire station to save his twin sister, he immediately made a beeline for the computer while the fire distracted his parents. I think I like Xander the best.

"Go Hen! Way to play that Piano. You're the best...." And so on and so forth.

Genesis has started taking her cheer leading duties a little more seriously. A little too seriously if you ask me.

"Bloody game. I hate you, I'm going to come back with a baseball bat if you don't start letting me win."

Yeah, I suspect that Mr Ian (cos his last name is unpronounceable) may have a serious niceness deficiency. I have my fingers crossed.

Chardonnay has long since perfected her snowman making technique, but that doesn't mean she can't make one every now and then for the fun of it. Particularly when her boyfriend is threatening the video game machine.

Of course, not to be outdone, Genesis immediately makes another snowman to cheer on Chardonnays snowman. Either that or the girls are creating an army.

"What the...? I told you missy, to stay the blazes away from MY HOUSE! I will open a can of whoopass on you"

"Ow! But the head cheerleader said I had to come here. *sniffsniff*

"Pull the other one moron. I AM the head cheer leader.... And I say run before I paint you in my school colors....Black and blue."


The cheerleader actually had the nerve to come back after Genesis's masterful abuse last chapter.

"Woohoo! Go you! Get you some sugar! Vo Gerbits!"

We suspect this is why Genesis is so against this particular cheerleader. It's hard enough for Chardonnay and Ian to find a few special moments alone without having their own personal cheering squad. Strangely enough we haven't seen Robin the cow so far this stint in college. I'm convinced she's saving up.

And thats all we have time for today. Things just keep on ticking along, in their weird and wonderful fashion. Undoubtedly there will be greater and weirder things in the future for the Vulcan Clan, you'll just have to stay tuned to find them out. :D

Happy Holidays!


Bubbs said...

That other cheerleader is a STALKER!!

Wow - so glad that your imaginary daughter didn't die.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Happy holidays, even though they're almost over. Genesis is too funny. If Chardonnay wasn't quite so interesting, I'd vote for Henn jsut because of Genesis.
I applaud your efforts, but maybe you might want to save Xander from selling his soul to computer number two.

ASimWen said...

Cheerleaders are vicious females. LOL And Genesis fits right in. LOL