Friday, February 29, 2008

Chapter Twenty Eight - Voulez vous coucher avec moi?

Welcome back gentle readers. I have given myself the task of completing this chapter before I go play my shiny new expansion. So, without too much preamble, on with the show.

Dagnabbit, I knew it! The ghosts have started to make an appearance, and they seem kinda grumpy about the fact they no longer recognize the beds that they bought. Ah well, at least it is only 2 ghosts. We can live with that right?

"There there Elly, grams will protect you..."

Brandi! I'm trying to convey your one track mindedness, do you mind not being sweet to your grandchildren?

"Bryns' at work."

Oh, ok then.

Hmmm. I don't know why Brandi thinks Bryn is at work. All I know is that I am a little creeped out. Then again, Old people seem to prefer Chardonnay's bed. I try not to think about it honestly.

".... and if we take into consideration the precedent set by Goth Vs. Lothario we can conclude conclusively that it is indeed a default on an anticipated agreement....."

I really don't care what he is saying, I just wish I could find a thinking-cap wearing Pirate Lawyer in real life.

Yay now everyone is at the top of thier career track, except Brandi who is an unemployed bum.

Get down with your bad self Ian! You deserve a little celebration.

"I's luff you puppy. I'll luff you later other puppy."

Marcas appears to have inherited his grandfathers way with animals. Either that or I've forgotten where I hid the food bowls and the dogs can't find anyone to feed them....Back away from the toddler! I repeat all canines must back away from the toddler. I will wake someone up to feed you.

Buster is a little money making machine. I think he is trying to compensate for not being all that good at baby making.

For goodness sake woman, he's only just transitioned into toddlerhood. He doesn't need lectures on good work ethics just yet.

"Actually he started it."


"Grammy, Gramps! Lookit! I got an A+! I am so smart!"

Yeah don't think they are interested just at the moment El, it's nap time.

"But its the middle of the day."

And they are elders. They need more sleep.

"Hey Mhair's? You think we'll ever get to eat real food?"


"I suppose we should be grateful they buy us the tasty cookies then. *sigh*"

"Yup. *nomnomnomnomnom*"

"And what do you think you are doing young lady?"

"I was just putting my cookies into the trash compactor."

"You were were you? In my day we didn't have a trash compactor. We had to walk 15 miles in the snow, up hill both ways just to recycle the newspaper. You should treat the appliances with respect."

Now that you have gotten that outta your system Bryn, want to feed Marcas his smart milk?

"Children these days just have no respect...*muttermuttermutter.*"

Oh. That can't be a good face. But at least we know that Breanna made the move intact and in one piece.


Well, mostly intact, her personality seems to have mutated slightly.

"Mutated slightly? Are you kidding me, she's a freaking nut!"

Yes that too.

I recognise that strut. Outta the way folks there is a romance sim on a mission, ain't nothing can stop her once she's got her strut on.

Except of course the ghost of her mother-in-law scaring the bejeebus outta her husband. Then, even the mighty Brandi must concede to the supernatural superiority of Breanna.

"Hehehehe just you try that with my son now skank. I have my eyes on you!"

Breanna has indeed shown us that the move may have jumbled her marbles just a little. Maybe some got lost during the move. All I can say is she's a hoot, and I eagerly await her next appearance.

That concludes this little interlude into the world of the Vulcans, next time you see them they'll have hobbies, and apparently Bryn and Breanna will not be perma-platinum. Hmmm. I included this picture because I keep on wanting to get the lightening in a picture, but usually fail miserably. But at last I have suceeded. And you get a little peak at how the back yard has evolved.

Chapter Twenty Seven - Hiatus Interruptus!

Welcome back Vulcan fans. I can reassure all that I haven't fallen off the face of the planet, but rather I have been vewy vewy busy over the last month or so. I guess thats what happens when you do a 18 month course in the space of a year. But I have managed to dust the Vulcans off for a brief moment or two, and hark another 2 chapters are making an appearance. I know, I am wonder woman and super girl and all sorts of other nifty female heroes. But enough about me, I know you all want to know what is happening in the crazy whacky household of the Vulcans!

"....and then when I was twelve my father took me a wenchin and a drinkin. I don't really remember the rest of that year."

"Uh-huh. Keep going dad....I'm gunna ace this creative writing assignment."

Ian likes to help out when he can. Or rather, he likes to help out so long as it doesn't involve changing diapers. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen him anywhere near the changing table.

"Aren't our grandchildren adorable?"

"Makes me wish I had another one.....*snicker*"

"Yeah....Not! *chortle*"

Now that these two have safely reached ripe old age, the two love birds have absolutely no fears at all. Which is handy, I know the kids appreciate it.

Mhairi continues to perfect her chess game. Or develop her skills as a swindler. I'm not to sure, and I've watched her very carefully.

"So, my high-seas honey, should we have more puppies or kittens?"

"I wish I was still fortune when you go on like this love. For the last time, we have 10 sims in the house, we cant get any more."

Yeah. When Marcas arrived he sterilised his parents....Hurrah!!

Not that this will influence Chardonnays aspiration meter at all, just I like my own rules which state only one career per sim and they must reach the top. It gives me something to look forward too.

Speaking of stuff to look forward too, I can't wait to see how the new homestead works. I got bored with the old one. It was good enough I guess, just a little pokey in places. This one is roomy and light, and it looks really really good. Albeit the top floor is just for career rewards and general storage, it is much roomier down stairs as well. Unfortunately some of the foundations of the old homestead just wouldn't vanish so it is on an entirely new lot, which means Tommek and Breanna will no longer recognise any of the furniture. Yay.

With the new house the Vulcans got a new gardener. We forgot to write down her name like we always do, but any chick that parks like that and has a face like that is welcome into the family. The name we will find out later.

This is the rear view. I haven't yet completed the landscaping. There is only so much building and re-arranging I can take. But I'll work on it.

"*Manamana! *Burpburpburpburpburp* manamana *Burpburpburpburp* Roflmao! *burpburpburpburpburp burpburpburp burpburpburp burpburpburp burp burp burp burp burp*"

Mhairi has WAY to much time on her hands.

"Whats goin on in Dis room?"

"Wow Grammy you so purdy..."

"Actually I think Mhairi has a point mum. You do something different to your hair?"

"I'm free of the potty! Would it really kill you guys to empty it once in a while?"

Elspeth grows up to a mixed reaction.

Whilst young Marcas would rather grow up quietly with just his mother present. He is another aries child to add to the rest of them. Oh thats right I haven't shared that information with you yet. You'll just have to wait until they transition into teenagers.

"So this is what solid food tastes like? *nomnomnomnomnom* And it doesn't glow!"

Elspeth appears set to discover all the things she missed out on during toddlerhood. Starting with the simple things first.

Awww a little autonomous bonding. How sweet. Now get back into the house and build those skills you scallywags! Promotions and Scholarships don't just fall outta the sky you know!

Bryn and Brandi seem to have settled into the new house alright. I was worried there for a moment, their wants panels were all filled with things like 'Gain a skill point' and 'Play with grandchild'. But when they woke up in the middle of the night there was the wonky-eyed purple heart that I have grown so very used too.

"So. You're the one that controls everything? I like the house, but my family is a little peculiar."

Seriously, not my fault. I just watch and try and keep things on track. Besides it would take some sick sick person to make your family like that deliberately....


At least I gave you a really awesome house?

"Throw in a Womrat and I'll never bring it up again."

Notice how cute the girls have turned out like? And I like them both, of course Marcas could steal the show when he grows up. Ian does make good babies. Too bad he's randomly generated, and thusly unable to be shared.

I am frequently stuck with what to do with those who have already gotten skills or to the top of their career tracks. Thankfully with Seasons, the trees loose leaves and junk, that's always good for filling a toddler's nap time.

Cos as soon as that child wakes up it's straight on to the very important business of learning how to walk, talk and wee. Marcas has successfully completed the intensive 12 hour Vulcan Toddler Course, with a little help from his mum.

"But I'm good at smiling prettily. Why did you make me say stuff about more teachers?"

Cos, I thought it would give you more money.

"But it didn't, and now I don't even have a job."

But, you will be able to spend more quality time with Bryn.


More Woohoo you silly woman


She's almost nearly dead anyway, and they don't really need the money, and it saves us braving the scary world of the nanny. I had 3 chance cards that day, and all of them were bad. Brandi's was just the worst thats all.

Ian! Your daughter was just watching the cartoons frammit! Schooling depletes her fun, and she needs to get more fun so she can get her homework, so that when we invite the headmaster she has an A+ report card and all your kids can go to private school and get scholarships. Really, coming home at this hour, and you a lawyer. Don't you have a secretary or something?

The more things change the more things get a little peculiar. At least that is how it seems to work in the Vulcan household. There are more somewhat amusing antics yet to come. Remember I always post in twos. :D Til then Ka kite ano.