Thursday, November 1, 2007

Chapter One - The search begins.

Name: Tommek Ltwsgyvkz (aka Vulcan)
Aspiration: Knowledge
Star Sign: Virgo
LTW: Hall of Famer (I know, wtf?? lolz)
Turn-ons: Blonde, Make-up. Turn-off: Fatness
Personality: 10 Neat, 5 Outgoing, 5 Active, 0 Playful, 5 Nice.

Let us look in once more upon the life of our cosmic cast-away. If you will remember, Tommek was involved in a bizzare accident that propelled him to his destiny in Legacy Bay.

"Test subject?...No. Paramedic?...No. Hmmm Playground monitor?....Still not quite right. I feel that any of these careers could simulate my need for logical and unemotional thought. But they leave something to be desired. Hmmm Recruit looks good enough for now, but I feel the need to revisit my younger athletic endeavors."

Tommek decides to be difficult right off the bat, but thats okay, he is after all stranded in an alien time and space, some room for adjustment might be necessary.

"I say I hope I'm not expected to style my hair in some outlandish manner, my very traditional, very plain Vulcan hairstyle is guaranteed to last me until I die."

For those of you observing at home, this is where it starts to diverge from proper Vulcan-ess. Bah, who am I kidding. Tommek is as deviant as they come, just look at that lack of co-ordination. He diverged from proper Vulcan behavior long before we were on the scene.

"Hello primitive teleportation company? Yes, I'd like to have immediate transportation to where all the visually symmetrical intelligensia are. I tried this 'Hide Out' of Rodney's but it seems to be inhabited solely by men....No I have not had any juice, I assure you. Please just take me away from here."

Remember Tommeks new improved mission statement has a two-pronged objective, not only does he have to find a career, he also needs to find a mate in order to reproduce. As you may have guessed, neither search is going well.

I wonder if Vulcan's have faeries.... I wonder if Tommek isn't really a faerie changeling child foisted off on unsuspecting Vulcan Parents. I wonder if the atmosphere on this planet is affecting his brain chemistry. Tommek makes my head boggle.

"Hello primitive teleportation lady, may I say you are looking particularly symmetrical this morning."

Why oh why must he heart-fart over the unobtainable taxi-driver? Because he is the spawn of faeries thats why....

"Tee hee hee.... This game of yours is very fun what did you call it again?"
"It's called 'Pillow Fighting'"
"I see, and when you are entering your reproductive cycle do you fill the pillows full of sharp menacing objects or hallucinogenic drugs?"


"Lala lala la....Dodo dodo do...I'm cleaning my sink cos there is nothing else to do."

But cleaning makes you such a happy little Vulcan faerie.

"Say not-so silent observer, I've been a very good boy, could I possibly go downtown again? I have a feeling today is my lucky day!"

Fine, whatever. Call the taxi.

"Now thats just cruel."

"I couldn't help but notice your exceptional skill in our match. Might I enquire as to the name of my most charming competitor yet?"

"*blush* Breanna...hee hee."

"See I told you it was my lucky day, Ms. Observer."

Bob save us from sims who are always right.

And with the new buds of romance budding on Tommeks horizon we shall leave him for a little while. Well not really, it takes me a little time to write these entries, and given my propensity towards the verbose (And pompous) I really must limit myself somehow. But things are starting to look up for my Vulcan progenitor, even if Breanna isn't the sim I would have chosen myself, but she persevered, and Tommeks logic melted, and I'm not one to stand in the way of true simulated love.

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ASimWen said...

Ah the problem of the logical Vulcan trying to find love...when they don't even feel love. heh