Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chapter Six - Sugar and Spice

"There's Klingons on the starboard bow! Take us to maximum warp Mr. Sulu! I don't care how you do it Scotty, just make sure this tub doesn't break apart on us!"

Bryn discovers just how much fun playing with mummy's toys really is. He managed to age transition into the Spice to Paden's Sugar.

"... and then I said, no way is that a perfect triple somersault, with a three quarter twist, your arms were all over the place, and don't get me started on how much your bum was sticking out."

"Thats interesting dude. Really."

They are two very different little boys, but they sure do make things interesting.

I have discovered that the dogs have an amazing ability to make passing townies ignore common decency and just waltz on in as if this were a hotel. I like sharing the Vulcan Enclave with random strangers. If only that could happen in real life....

"I don't care how tired my sons are, they can clean up thier dishes before they go to bed or they can pack thier bags and get the smeg outta here."

"Yes dear."

Tommek loves his boys really he does.


Be afraid, be very very afraid, the spawn of Fluffy is about to age transition.

I did warn you. Jaffa is an unique dog, and now I am bored with them, perhaps when Jaffa goes to the big doggy park in the sky we'll get the Vulcans some cats. (This has nothing to do with my being a cat person honest....)

"...and so if you combine the two substances you get a robust reaction, not violently explosive, but enough to simulate the accepted viscosity of a pyroclastic flow...."

"Dad, if you really want you can make the volcano too."

"No son, let us do it together, although this planets understanding of volcanism is rather limited I daresay we could garner some enjoyment from the project as well as further developing our familial bonds."

It's homework time again in the Vulcan household.

Awww there is nothing like a little skill-building to strengthen those familial bonds Tommek is so worried about.

Somehow I suspect the wolves have figured out that this is a household full of knowledge sims....

It looks like Bailey has won the right to harass the occupants of the Vulcan Enclave this fine evening.

"Father! Check it out, I won the science fair. The teachers said they had never seen anything like it!"

"Thats my boy! And of course they haven't, your teachers are idiots."

Every so often Tommek back-slides....But that A+ came just in just in time.

Yes thats right, we're entertaining a headmaster. Not only that, but the headmaster is not old and disfigured. We'll be keeping his number. Maybe, I've heard things I have.

Ah the old 'send the kid in to distract the headmaster while I cook a gourmet meal because someone forgot my wife was going to be at work when the headmaster arrived' ploy.

Oh and yeah, gogo 46 tour points...*cough*

Eventually all those who were present sat down to the meal with the crazy headmaster who had the gall to suggest an ice-cream sundae would be the perfect end to the meal.

The meal scored them the 44 points they needed to gain a place in the prestigious private school, rather than wait around to accept them formally Mr Headmaster (yes I forgot to note his name) decided to head downtown in search of the perfect ice-cream sundae.

"I am woman hear me roar!"

Breanna comes home with a promotion and a delayed fitness boost. Of course she still insists there was no possible way she could have skipped work to help out with the headmaster.

"Well there wasn't. I want proper dining room chairs to go with that nice table we bought, and we'll need a second shower soon enough, Paden is getting older every day."

Uh, I thought you all were?

"Well yes, that too."

I daresay you're looking very dapper today boys.

"Sure are."

"I wasn't sure if I got the Windsor knot correct, luckily I was able to distract my mother long enough for her to rectify it."

Well have fun on your first day at private school.

I thought you went to private school Bryn?


Then how'd you manage to bring home my imaginary sim daughter, as far as I know the imaginary family hasn't even played.

"I dunno. Just did."

Crazy game.

Aww it seems like only yesterday we were putting off major renovations so we could buy Paden a crib, and now he's about to enter the exciting world of teenagerhood....Actually it was just last week.

Name: Paden Vulcan
Aspiration: Pleasure
Star Sign: Virgo
LTW: 50 dream dates
Turn-ons: Jewelery, Black hair Turn-off: Glasses
Personality: 10 Neat, 1 Outgoing, 9 Active, 0 Playful, 5 Nice

Darn tooting you better look uncomfortable Lee, what do you think you are doing sneaking into someone elses house?

"Watching their large flat screen TV and escaping the twin toddlers you thought it would be fun for us to have?"

Just you wait Mr, my imaginary self will have words for you!

After about 2 sim weeks of running away from the postman, Jax discovers that the nice mr Postie isn't so bad after all. (Okay, so it was a cute picture, I try and sneak them in from time to time.)

Well well well look at this, someone has been a busy boy :D After much hard work Tommek finally realizes his life's goal, and then promptly changes it. But I like to collect the career rewards slowly, so Tommek will not become a doctor anytime soon. Instead we're going to concentrate on maxing all his skills and getting his boys into college.

But we can cover that in a new chapter n'est pas?

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ASimWen said...

Heh, the boys are complete opposites...hard to believe they are BOTH Tommek's boys. Nice looking Jaffa.

Wow, good headmaster score, but I suppose we could not expect less from Tommek. He must be a good cook. :D

Hmmm a vulcan that is a pleasure sim? Good luck Paden!

Ah so Tommek is now a perm plat sim. I suppose that won't influence is attitude any. lol