Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chapter Forty Five - Finally! The end of College

The title says it all really. We finally get to the end of college after 2+ months. I am still patting myself on the back.

The Iata Pi house is delightfully free of ghosts, with the exception of the feral cheerleader Chardonnay conspired to kill a couple of generations ago. This is in direct contrast to the main house where a sim may find themselves being scared whilst being scared. Thankfully the old folks are perma-plat, so they just toddle along to the Energiser to avoid any really embarrassing mishaps.

Boy. Has the time flown. Not. Fittingly, as Apple was the first Vulcan of this generation to enter college, she is also the first Vulcan to graduate and grow up. We have no complaints about her outfit. Nor does it seem Wyatt has, Phoenix is a little miffed however.

Uh yeah. I wish we could say the same about Gina's apparel, but obviously we can't. Motherlode will take care of that little problem I'm sure.

"Going so soon my love? I'll miss you.... Hey Ambrose, that top looks way hot on you."

As you can see Wyatt is completely heart broken to be left in the house with the two younger sisters. Completely.

"Dammit I didn't even get a chance to make any moves on either of them. And this shirt sucks."

That was kind of the plan. Their destinies do not involve you.

"Aww man. That bites."

At least your destiny is to never grow old and have more simoleons than you could possibly spend.

After a quick trip to the clothing boutique and pet store, Apple and Gina finally settle their differences and have a quiet little home ceremony.

After all it wouldn't do for little Tina's mothers not to have some sort of official relationship before she is dropped off at their door like a steaming hot pizza.

Wyatt and Ebony too settle down to domestic bliss, we had to be a bit quicker with these two, you know how romance sims are with the 'fears'.

Phoenix invites Robin something or rather to become the place-holder for the next generation of Vulcans. It'll be a while, but we're sure Robin won't mind having the Iata Pi house all to herself.

Finally it's the twins turn to grow up. Ambrose immediately harshes her buzz with a office workers uniform. She is not a happy hippy. It did however give me an idea for what Phoenix will spend the rest of her adult life wearing.

It's a sad sad day for us, Phoenix the last Vulcan is departing the Iata Pi house...

"Excuse me? But what the shooflee am I wearing?"

Hey don't blame me, I didn't get blind people to randomly assign clothes to newly transistioned sims. Talk to Mr. Wright.

"Oh I will alright, he can expect a firmly worded letter in his immediate future."

Uh, yeah. Quick back to Legacy Bay so that we can fix this travesty.

Poor Marcas is still having issues apparently. Not that Phoenix was particularly sympathetic to her uncles plight.

Seeing as we started this series of updates off with Ambrose purchasing her soul mate through the services of a somewhat dodgy gypsy, perhaps it is only fitting that we conclude with her and Professor Berjes celebrating their love in front of the generic spare townhouse. As you can see, her first priority was making sure no-one else would see her in her conformist outfit.

Finally college is over for another generation. And I for one am very pleased that I didn't tear my hair out and uninstall the game. But I am looking forward to getting generation Six underway, but first we will have to have a wedding fit for a couple of frisky fortune sims. Stay tuned.

Ka kite.


ASimWen said...

Kewl, kewl, that Uni is over we can get back to the Vulcan house hold and their nuerotic dawgs. LOL

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Great update! I had just recently caught up, I adore the Vulcans. :)

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Glad you've updated! I do enjoy reading, and was just letting you know that I'm still following along and laughing at those crazy Vulcans.