Saturday, November 3, 2007

Chapter Four - Smells like Generation Two

Welcome back to yet another exciting episode of A (not) very Vulcan Legacy. We're starting to get into the really exciting stuff now....the family is growing, as you may have already surmised from the little list at the side of the blog. I suppose it's time to catch you up.

Last chapter Fluffy entered the Vulcan family, and Tommek finally managed to get a job in the athletic career. Which enabled us to purchase a bath for the glowing green beauty of Fluffy.

Tommek is getting thinner....

And Breanna is getting fatter. In short all is progressing nicely.

"Um woohoo?! Do you mind if I interrupt? I'm going to demonstrate the easy drug-free home birth described in Dr Spocks ground breaking book."

Heck, I haven't had any kids yet and even I know how deluded you are.

"I'm not deluded, I'm just overly prepared."


"Sweet Jeebus, I don't care what Spock says, give me drugs! Lots and lots of drugs!"

Of course I'm far too mature and generous to say I told you so....Well. Not really. I did tell you Breanna.

May I be the first to introduce Paden Vulcan. The first born boychild born in the Vulcan Enclave. He shall be promised to the maid as soon as she comes over later in the morning. No doubt she'll have that same silly smile upon her face.

"I see you successfully delivered our offspring, my sweet. Well done, you da man, as the kids these days say."

"Thank you Tommek."

"And if I do say so your maternal curves are inciting me to consider repeating the bedspring experiment of a couple of days ago."

"Tee hee hee."

Yeah we don't need to see this do we?

As you can see Paden clearly demonstrates the superiority and dominance of Vulcan DNA, he has his daddy's eye color, skin color and hair color. I'm sure that in time he will demonstrate some of his mothers characteristics as well. Maybe. No clones please.

"Good boy Fluffy, speak. Woof woof woof woof."

Somehow between the lobster, the never-ending baby stomach and the trips to the bathroom, Breanna manages to find the time to help Fluffy's climb up the career ladder.

"Oh my, again. I think I can positively conclude that bed spring experiments are linked to pregnancy. Perhaps we should stop the experiments for now...."

Better not tell Tommek that, he rather enjoys his little forays into bedspring physics. Although, Breanna is the one who constantly rolls up the want to woohoo in bed. (I pretend these two act like proper little knowledge sims, but in reality.... they fail.)

"Delivery for Mrs Vulcan?"

"More lobster!? For me?"

"Courtesy of your husband ma'am. You have a nice day now."

Tommek continues to show his romantic streak. Although I'd prefer if he sent flowers rather than resource depleting crustaceans.

Oh no is it all over before it's begun? Can mammoth-like canines plead with the Grim Reaper?

"See Fluffy? When I say 'Play dead' you howl and curl up into a ball...."

Oh darn, Tommek is just training Fluffy some more.

Two days pass so quickly, and Paden grows up to be a dapper wee toddler, with his daddy's ears as well. We're very proud.

"Don't you worry about the glowing dear, your dada assured me that his new improved toddler formula will help accelerate your learning...."

Of course with 2 knowledge sims in the household, it's straight onto learning life skills after the confetti clears.

"Nomnomnomnom. Nomnomnomnom."

Whilst his mother is distracted by the birth of his younger brother, Paden immediately seizes the opportunity to put the closest object to hand in his mouth. Fortunately that object was Fluffy, and there is no way in Pleasentview she's a choking hazard. Tommek prefers the hands off, skill building marathon approach to fatherhood, that's why he's been rather absent this chapter.

As soon as Bryn is safely feed and placed back into the crib its back to teaching Paden all those nifty toddler tricks.

"You know when I started this job, there were no pets, now, no-one wants them. I hope you enjoy the new addition to your family Mrs Vulcan, you made an excellent choice."

"No thank you. And thank you for your phone number. I have two sons, they'll be growing up any moment now, and I believe my husband and I will be ammenable to your addition to our family as well."


"Um. Oh. Thanks for the dog."

Oh yes, we have spotted a potential new spouse for the next generation. You'd think that after 3 years of legacy's and what have you the townies and NPC's would learn not to hand out thier personal phone numbers at the drop of a hat.

The latest addition to the Vulcan household is Jax, we adopted him using the service menu because we seem to have had a drought of suitable male companions for Fluffy. The best thing about Jax? He has the exact same personality as Fluffy so they pretty much spend all thier time playing. In fact he is closer to Fluffy than any of the human residents of the Vulcan Enclave.

Hopefully the next chapter will herald the patter of many little feet, and maybe even a photo or two of Bryn (the heir.... I suck at photo journaling). Until then, have fun, and thanks for reading.


Kerry said...

Very funny again--Jax looks like the complete opposite of Fluffy, in looks--it's funny that they have the same personality. I'm glad Paden got the ears!

ASimWen said...

Hahaha.....will they ever learn what bed spring testing leads to??? LOL Cute baby, and I can only discern what the puppies will look like!