Sunday, July 5, 2009

Chapter Forty-Seven: Dreamings End

Once Phoenix and Shannon had escaped the horrors of their tropical honeymoon, life settled into a routine.


Shannon pretty much constantly and autonomously gives his wifey loving shoulder rubs.


"Woohoo! A bump!"

Shannon you fraudster!

"I was cheering Elspeths piano playing...."

Uh-huh, I'm onto you mister.


"Rassin Frassin, I can keep working if I'm pregnant...*muttermutter* Must make money."

It seems Phoenix's life is full of hardship. Even the joys of creating home-made clothing can't cheer her up.


Junior, the Fluffy clone does his best to cheer her up, following her around, and just generally being a nuisance.


Finally, the big moment arrives! Generation Six is almost here! We're on the down-hill stretch now!


"I gots my mind on my money, and a silly looking hat on my mind...."

Shannon only really ever rolls wants for job-related events. Earning a promotion eases his anxiety about sharing his hard earned cash with his wife and child.


Phoenix managed to get to work at some stage, and earnt herself a platinum aspiration...I have no idea how that happened.


"Luckily I got this 'Witch-begone' spray from my favorite new age store. *Shake shake shake Spraaaay*"

Ambrose provides a warm welcome to the newest resident of Legacy Bay.


*Attempt No. 143: Freeze husband to death using a combination of hot tub and bubble machine - failed.* "How was your day darling?"

"Rather refreshing actually."

Things continue to chug along for Elspeth and Forrest as well.


No-one ever wants to see baby pictures right? Good, I don't think I have any of Lorelei, I do however have this picture of a pregnant Phoenix helping her daughter age...


Oh yeah, wee Lorelei is definately a Vulcan. Happy Birthday Generation Six!


Giving birth in the nursery is entirely appropriate, or so Phoenix assures me...


Please welcome Clyde Vulcan, like his sister he has the Vulcan black hair, and Shannon's brown eyes.


I dunno if we likes the Butler...sure he's an efficient jack of all trades, but we need the NPC's to bring diversity into the family.... This one sure knows how to suck up however, notice he's already weaseling his way into Clyde's good books.

Thats an interesting retro look for you Phoenix

"What do you mean retro?"

Well you haven't looked like that since you first started Uni....

"I have just completed my freshman year...."

Huh what? But you and Shannon got married and had a little girl, and a little boy...

"That was just a dream....Wasn't it?"

I don't know....*whimper*

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ASimWen said...

I think Shannon is a tad confused...yah.....What about Phoenix? Was all this really a dream?? lol