Saturday, November 17, 2007

Chapter Seven - Glory Days

Welcome back readers! much has happened since you saw the Vulcan's last.... Well not really, just a whole STACK of skill points, which is never really very interesting. And with my artistic license well and truly exposed I suggest we get back to the story.

Happy Reading!

"Hey you're the maid I grew up fearing aren't you? You aren't that bad...."

"Really you mean that? I've got all my stuff in the van, want me to move in?"

Claire is still busting her gut to get into the household. Shortly we will be entering the boys into tertiary education, we'll be giving her a call then.

After what seems like an eternity, Bryn finally enters his final (for now) age transition on the lot. Spin Bryn Spin!

Name: Bryn Vulcan
Aspiration: Romance!? (Oh no way)
Star Sign: Aries
LTW: Woohoo with 20 different Sims (Sounds like fun)
Turn-ons: Black hair, Make-up Turn-off: Unemployment (Like that really matters)
Personality: 9 Neat, 8 Outgoing, 5 Active, 0 Playful, 5 Nice.

I send the boys down to the local market to pick up some electronical devices. It appears that the Paden-Apple doesn't fall far from the Tommek-Tree. It's the ears I swear.

"Imagine how much money we'd be able to con. Die Jaffa die. Good girl!"

Just for kicks (And future financial gain...his mother is a criminal after all) Bryn teaches Jaffa how to fake death semi-convincingly. We then got her a job in the Show business career.

Awww it's a sad day for me. Fluffy is ooooold! And then soon she'll go to that big puppy-park in the sky and I won't have a little Rick Moranis creature to follow around. Its the end of the world I tells ya!!

Here is the beginning of the family portrait Gallery, well kinda, I've been concentrating on making the best place for living Sims, I've yet to get started on the mausoleum. I will probably wait until Bryn comes back from college to get that underway, I still have plenty of time.

With this last Cleaning point, Tommek maxes out all his skills. And then I realise what the funk am I going to do with a knowledge sim who no longer rolls needs to get skill points? I still haven't really come up with anything productive for him to do. Aside from washing all three dogs repeatedly.

For those of you interested, here is an exterior view of the completed house (landscaping, mausoleum and other outdoor stuff yet to be completed.) It works well, and the family constantly find new ways to find exits or break the garage.

"My word, I knew this planet was significantly different than my own, but this sudden transition into an older state is almost unbelievable."

Believe it old man, it looks like you will not be rescued after all.

"Logic prompts me to agree with your assessment. However in 700 years or so, I believe that there will indeed be sufficient Vulcan DNA left in my descendants to prove I really was here."

Or you know Paden and any other spares.....

"Excuse me?"


The imaginary me drowns our twin sorrows at the bistro at the market, eventually she staggered her way home with an outfit for every occasion for her entire family. Both Tommek and Fluffy growing old makes us sad.

If only I was doing an Uglacy, but I'm not, I will however wish very hard that this delightful sales girl makes her way to Pleasantview, and meets some of Meadow's descendants.

Yeah. This would be great, if the boys hadn't decided to have an impromptu snow day the day before. Apparently hanging out takes precedence over a quality education. And I was busy maxing out Tommeks skills. Ah well, they'll recover tomorrow, and get right back to work on their college skill building.

I haven't seen this before, then again, I don't usually play with sim-dogs. Even though Jax wasn't even remotely hungry he decided that the snow was tasty numnums. I don't know if this is usual dog behavior seeing as I have experienced neither dogs or snow (gogo Temperate Island Nations!)

Yet another Sim for me to Fed-ex to Pleasantview. Where have all the hot gardeners gone?

"So Chicky-babe, what are you wearing?"


"What? I'm a romance sim, and these lines are all new when you are my age."

I guess, but still you're a creepy little beggar aren't you.

"You aint seen nothing yet! Now if you don't mind I have a very important phone call to continue."

Bryn is very much the odd one out in this family. Annoyingly he still rolls up the want to buy a cellphone, despite the one practically grafted to his hand.

The mashed potato huh?

"Yep, we're going to do a stage version of Dirty Dancing. I wanna play Baby."

Baby is the chick, don't you mean Johnny?

"Oh yeah, Jonny, thats right."


Bryn gets a promotion and joins his brother as an over-achiever, now to get the rest of his skill points and then I can ship both of the little buggers off to college and get started on Bryn's life time want, because once he gets married he's going to be very monogamous.


ASimWen said...

Hahahah! "Hey you're the maid I grew up fearing aren't you? You aren't that bad...."

"Really you mean that? I've got all my stuff in the van, want me to move in?"


So Tommek the stern Vulcan churned out a Pleasure Sim and a Romance Sim....GAH>>>>> it is a wonder he won't go nuts for that....

Nice looking portrait pics, impressive! Uglacy in Pleasantview should be have some great candidates....

Galena said...

I swear I got that same gardener at my prosperity house. I was going to post the pic in a few days.