Saturday, June 7, 2008

Chapter Thirty Six - No place like home

Welcome back to yet another exciting episode of 'A (not) very Vulcan Legacy'! I know, 4 posts in 3 months is a little excessive, but I have had more time on my hands given that the precious wee 5 year olds I'm currently teaching are in fact plague carriers and have infected me.... But they are lovely really. :D Without further preamble let us enter the world of the Vulcans once more.

Continuing an old family tradition, Pierre the wonder poodle carks it when Elspeth comes home. Despite only having been with the family for a short time, Chardonnay seemed rather upset. So did the maid come to think of it.

Of course Elspeth decided that she wanted her very own business, she was very put out with her mother for selling the old family lot, so she bought it back. This week it's a bakery, I suspect next week it'll be a night-club as well, it isn't all that fun really.

"Woohoo! Alright! I LOVE THIS BED!"

"Stupid cow, never had a romantic interaction with her, but she still cheated on me with my boyfriend...."

Yeah. The diverse faces of Vulcan emotions. Tommek's legacy of Vulcan Logic already seems to have been diluted. Who am I kidding, it's non-existent.

Speaking of boyfriends, and dilution of the gene pool. Count Forrest is now ensconced within the happy walls of the Vulcan Enclave. Bleh!

"Hmm. The taste is okay. The texture however is far too watery."

"Will you just drink it already? Unless you want to die a horrible sunburn death."

"Well, I really enjoy cuisine experiences."

Name: Count Forest Hogan
Aspiration: Pleasure
Star Sign: Cancer
LTW: Become a Professional Game Designer
Turn-ons: Full Face Make-up, Black Hair Turn-off: Creativity
Personality: 9 Neat, 5 Outgoing, 3 Active, 4 Playful, 5 Nice

It is time for us to be making Generation Five! No way! Seems like just yesterday we were scouring downtown in desperation to find a suitable mate for our unlucky time and space traveling Mr Tommek.

Yay! We have been successful, the bun is in the oven!

"Oh my goshness! Look at my belly go!"

"Stupid Landgrabbe, if I were still the prince of darkness I would bite him, then push him into a tanning salon!"

At least someone is excited about the forth-coming progeny.

OH DEAR BOB! There no right words to describe this... this...Puffy! Although I do like the fact she kinda looks like she is sporting a beehive hair-do.

Aww another wedding on the Vulcan lot. This time not properly documented cos I forgot to turn off the Special Events camera when I re-installed. (On a side note, I did re-install, and successfully managed to preserve the Vulcans. I'm so proud of myself!)

Awww. They had a good wedding party, and they only had one wedding party. Which I think is a first for the Vulcans. Then again I didn't book them on a honeymoon on account of the delicate condition of the bride.

While this tummy gets bigger, a former Vampire sleeps.

While his wife struggles to bring forth his first born, a former Vampire sleeps.

While his father in law comes to greet the newest addition to the family, a former...well you get the idea. Forest is rather fond of sleeping like the dead.

Even Tommek makes himself known to little Apple, the first of the generation five children. As you can see Elspeth was simply overjoyed.

We've managed to yet again amass a goodly number of Elixir's which are taking up far too much space, so we'll take a picture and delete the lot of them :D.

Fans of the Vulcans may have noticed I don't ordinarily include the UI, but Apple was being a pain. It took her nearly 12 hours, and a birthday cake to finally get a twirl. All the while poor Elspeth is in her final day of pregnancy. It was a nervous making moment.

But finally Apple got her priorities sorted, and we have our first toddler for this generation. With the new FreeTime patch however it means all the adults in the household will stand around trying to give her a bath, even going so far as to wake her up from a desperately needed nap to dip her toes in the warm bubbly water. Yeah.

And this is wee Ebony. You didn't need to see the birth scene, mostly because we've all seen so many before. The green eyes are exciting, however I fear that her father's genetics may over-power her mothers.

Where are you going Elspeth? Don't you have daughters to look after?

"I can't take it anymore. I hate it here! Why did you have to make me have so many babies? I need some time to get my head together. I'm leaving the house! I'm going to go eat some worms...." Etc etc yadda yadda yadda.

Ooooh kay then. Hmm. I suspect something may be up. I'll just have to write the next chapter so we can all find out why and where and when and what Elspeth is up too. Until then, have fun.

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Kerry said...

Count Forrest is an excellent, albeit very sleepy, addition to the Vulcan household.

Whoa! That is some dog! Puffy? Wow.

Oh, oh--looks like Elspeth needs some "me time". Good luck with that!