Saturday, December 1, 2007

Chapter Thirteen - End of an Era.

So we meet again at the Vulcan Enclave. This is a momentous chapter. While we have dealt with death before, never have we dealth with the death of the founder and his lady. It's important we treat the moment solemnly and with respect....which of course means the children are scheduled to transition into teens the exact same moment Tommek and Breanna go to the great tropical vacation in the sky.

"Wow Gran, you sure know alot of stuff!"

"I know, even better I have no real moral compass."

"You're my hero. Thanks for teaching me how to get others to do my homework for me."

"Anytime precious."

See Chardonnay can get along with people, we're a little worried about her choice in role-model, but lets be honest, the only other woman in the house is often in her undies or in her togs. At least Breanna dresses every once and a while.

"Wow grandfather, you know an extraordinary amount."

"Thats because I'm a shipwrecked alien from the distant future grandson."

"Does dad know you haven't taken your pills today grandfather?"

Hennessy on the other hand appears to have very little success socializing with anyone. He is the main reason we're NOT building a basement for the Vulcan's.

"....and then grand-dad says he's an alien from the distant future. I think he's going crazy Chay."

"I think you're a moron Hen. Remember that little hike we took behind the hill? And the really cool alien spacecraft?"

"What hike?"

"Oh thats right. You're adopted. Nevermind."

These two will take any excuse to mess with each others minds. It's a joy and delight to watch.

"Mum! Mum! You're wearing clothes! And I got an A+"

"Woohoo go me! And its about time you learn about the power of the school girl uniform my daughter."

After only 2 days at school the twins prove thier vastly superior genetic heritage. And Professor Brandi shows she really does care about her offspring. I'm so choked up I might cry.

This is incredibly cute. Fluffy and Jax patrol the ground together now (less ghostly hole digging.)

But even cuter? They take time out of thier patrol to play. I keep expecting little relationship pluses, but they are ghosts, they don't need to worry about that any more.

Okay, I suck at photos. Anywho, Jaffa had two little puppies, a boy and a girl. Sappa (the boy) We gave up for adoption. But not before he managed to squirm his way into Brandi's heart. Despite actually being the one to ring the adoption service she actually ran all the way to the car to wave goodbye to her little friend.

Brandi was a very brave girl, and managed to pull herself together long enough to go to work and get herself a promotion. We now have 4 perma-plat sims in the house. 2 of which are in the athletics field.

"Oh my bob you have this huge green booger floating over your head.

"So do you"

"You're lying!"

"Yeah, I am. You actually are a huge green booger."

Honestly these two get along just fine. Really, I just have more fun writing about their pretend conflicts.

"Haha! Who's the booger now? Huh?"

"It's a game, Hen. Next time we're playing something other than Hello Kitty Adventure Island. I refuse to have your dumb arguments settled by a Chinese cat."

"Ha! Shows what you know looser, Hello Kitty is Japanese, not Chinese!"

They get along just fine until someone fires up the game console, then it is all very serious business.

Here is one advantage of having 2 Hall of Famers in the family. The twins can work on their body skills at the same time. They've already tucked away Charisma, Logic and creativity. we'll work on dancing next.

Remember how I said I sucked at taking photos? Remember how I said Jaffa had had puppies? Remember there was only one left after Brandi rang the nice Mr Adoption Man? Well for those of you still paying attention, this is the latest in Fluffy's line. She is known as Spiffy, and as you can see she still carries the proud ugly heritage of her mother and grandmother.

"Breanna did you find my secret service menu?

"No dear."

"Then why are there half-naked women in the hallway?"

"Tommek Ltwsgyvkz? Time to come with me. We'll be back for you in five seconds Mrs Ltwsgyvkz....Huh? Death has no aspiration...What is this? Should I be turned on by mechanical skill?"

"Oh, sorry about that Death. It's my grandkids Birthday."

"I choose random stuff, and it's all popped up again."

"They're twins."

"Oh. Right. Well, your grandson is turned on by facial hair and make-up. No more distractions Mr Ltwsgyvkz time to go."

"See that didn't take any time at all. You don't have any other grandchildren do you?"

"No, just the two of them. My son and his wife are Romance Sims, they have the 'fears'"

"Oh, right I get you. My youngest is the same. We'll discuss it when we get to the tequila lounge."

"Why'd you have to make me turned on by cross-dressing monkey men? Why?"

"Time to go! Bye kid!"

And with that rather busy Saturday night, Tommek and his Breanna ascend into the light. We'll see them again, their urns are safely enscounced in the family crypt. No doubt they will scare the pee out of someone in the near future. But I'm a little lost. Tommek has always just kinda been there. Most of the time relaxing in Chardonnays bed like a creepy old man. But he's been there. And Breanna? She's the one that gets most of the cleaning and dog washing done.

Its a pretty sad day for the Vulcan Clan. And for me. And for the dogs. But they paid out well, and I still have many many generations to go. I really can't wait :D


Bubbs said...

NO!!!! How awful to have your birthday on the day your grandparents pass away! *sniffle* Hopefully Brandi was dressed at the time and not in her underwear.

ASimWen said...

Great end-of-era! :)

Kerry said...

Wow, the confusion! Poor Hennessy, I wish him luck with that set of turn-ons! The bickering between the kids is cute.

Aww, I will miss Tommek. He was a good founder--and I laughed myself silly seeing him hula in his shipsuit!

Melissa said...

Awww! Bye Tommek and Breanna you were great founders. Hahaha ... Hennessy is confused. Is he a Romance Sim? He should be with those turn-ons.