Friday, January 18, 2008

Chapter Twenty Six - Something about Mhairi

And here we go again, more Vulcanisms. More craziness and I know you want to read so we'll just get on with it then.

For those of you missing Genesis, you'll be pleased to note she frequently pops over and invites herself in. We figure that baby Mhairi made poor Genesis clucky.

Cos thats the only explaination we have for this. Genesis that is your father-in-law! Just cos he is a romance sim doesn't mean you have to take advantage of his unruly hormones.

Imaginary Lee is still having some problems with his aspiration. Who would have thought he cared so much about his imaginary daughter.

Hennessy has discovered the joy of poodles. However all Pierre and Fifi do is fight, so we had to give them up for adoption. Perhaps I can introduce a large poodle to the Fluffy strain. That would be special right?

"Hello Chicky-babe. How bouts you give daddy a lil sugar?"


Oh dear. As you can see the mutual advantage taking has been taken to another house.

Mostly so I could get this to happen. Genesis has been such an integral part of the family since the twins went to college so I thought I would see just how tangled I could get her relationships to become. It's fun.

In the end Genesis had two children. The blond on the left, is Bryn's daughter Io. The red-head is Hennessy's son Neo. She really doesn't make pretty children. But Ian does, so we'll toddle back to the Vulcan Enclave to see how the buns are cooking.

Buffy has all grown up. I think the Dalmatian spots add a certain something to the traditional Fluffy face don't you? I think next up we need to find Buffy a poodle playmate. Just cos.

"How dare you woman! I work hard to support you and our children and you have the gall to flush the mysterious blue balloon of toddler poop while I'm having a shower! Oh the humanity!"


"Ooops is that all you can say? After you ruined my shower?...Well I have a few words to add...."

"If you add them you'll be sleeping on the couch."

"Well so long as it doesn't happen again.... Yeah."

Heh, the Vulcans don't have cheap plumbing any more, and it is very rare for them to use the same bathroom, so this little scene was a complete surprise to me.

"Well at least you love me unconditionally for who I am Buster. Sometimes I wonder about Donny."

Um, Ian, I don't think it is you that Buster is gazing adoringly at. You're making some kind of meat dish aren't you?

"Fine! Not even the dogs respect me in this house."


Just to give you and idea of where we are in the baby making process. Mhairi is a toddler, Elspeth is a baby, and we have the third and final bump. Now we just have to grow the kiddies up and get them through college and we'll have 2 perma-plat family sims.

Let the growing up begin! Elspeth transitions into a toddler. She lubs her daddy even if no-one else does.

And then Mhairi transitions into a child. A cutie at that. Daddy better get practising his sword play, its only another week til she transitions into teen, and then the boys will be swarming to the front door.

"Oh my Bob, Dad, is that the Jolly Roger?"

"Where? Oh no! I'm wearing this stupid hat!"

Did I mention that Mhairi has only one nice point? I like mean sims, Ian is put to shame by the meanness of his daughter.

Finally the last child makes an appearance. It shares the black hair grey eyes of Elspeth, but hurray, it is a boy-child. Let us introduce Marcas, the last of the Vulcan brood for generation four.

Of course Marcas's birth signifies the end to Chardonnay's endless pregnancy, which is always a relief. We'll see what else they get up to shortly. After all there is always something happening in the family.

Chapter Twenty Five - Lotsa Babies!

Welcome back to yet another exciting bundle of adventures in the Vulcan household. I myself have been busy spending my mothers money and just generally enjoying my summer holidays, but fear not! I have been playing when I have the time. Also Mum flew back to Oz today, so no more shopping for me.

"Hey chicky babe, how bout you and me frolic on the couch like a couple of teens?"

"Teehee Bryn! Of course!"

As you can see the elders have returned from their holiday refreshed and ready for more romantic interactions. It's all very sweet I assure you.

Tommek the ghost finally makes an appearance, I was going to ring someone and complain about my defective founder, but yay I don't have to do that.

"Heh, I can see your butt luv."

"Nice. I'm in extreme pain giving birth to your first born and all you can think about is my aaaaahhhyeow!"

And behold, the arrival of the fouth generation is nigh! Are you excited? I know I am :D

Ladies and gentlemen allow me to be the first to introduce you all to Mhairi. As you can see she has brown hair and brown eyes. This is an exciting deviation away from the Vulcan black hair.

Of course being the first born means she is just a little spoiled...just a tad. I don't think she's been left in her crib longer than 5 minutes since she was born. Oh and I love the hair and the suit, it just screams class.

This is a rather boring picture just to show how far we have come in terms of aspiration points. Most of these have been collected by Bryn and Brandi. After all they have a very easy cycle. Woohoo in bed, then woohoo in hot tub, rinse and repeat. Like I said, Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Yay! My dalmatian Fluffy puppy is coming! This chapter is absolutely filled with excitement. Perhaps I should have put up some sort of warning. Nah. It's too late now.

Spiffy had two little puppies, Biff and Buffy. And yes, Buffy is the girl, and the dalmatian. I like it when things work out the way I want.

Hmmmm. Fluffy and Jaffa never did that when they were alive. Dunno really why they would do it when they were dead, unless of course they want to break the monotony.

Apparently Jaffa won. Ah well, no use worrying about it, not much I can do with the ghostly residents of the Vulcan enclave.

"Hurry up and blow out those bloody candles already. I'm huuuuuungry."

Time flies when you are having dalmatian puppies and keeping pregnant women from dying. It's little Mhairi's birthday already. It's all very exciting. We even got cake!

"We already knew it was a girl, canni have the cake already? I'm about to pass out!"

At this point in time I am forced to concede to Chardonnays wisdom. Ian does indeed make very pretty babies! Of course Chardonnay may not actually agree with me at this point in time. Apparently while it sounds good in theory, being constantly pregnant really isn't all that much fun.

"Why didn't your father make you cheesecake. Thats what your granddad did for me and I was only pregnant once."

"I want 3 kids mum."

"What ever for?"

Chardonnay once more goes into labor. Of course for a sim that only involves alot of noise and a mild twirl, with the loving support of your family beside you....not that Brandi can make many expressions since she got her plastic surgery machine, but we assume that is a supportive expression.

After much needless moaning, we were finally treated to the appearance of Elspeth. She has the Vulcan black hair, but surprisingly enough Brandi's eye color has won the war for dominance. I have no clue why.

We'll leave the Vulcan's here for now. Of course for those of you following you will remember that it is only just a small intermission before we get cracking on the next installment. Go make yourself a coffee or something. Chapter 26 is on it's way!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Chapter Twenty Four - Warning: Plastic Surgery can be addictive!

Yet another double-whammy. I think I tend to break it up more because I like making my blog seem more active than it really is, and because I get frustrated with how long it takes photo's to load sometimes so I want to help you all avoid that.

It's time for Sparky to join Jaffa in the great doggy park in the sky, he is seen off my Spiffy, and Buster, the new genetic donor. I can't wait to see how the dalmatian spots get integrated into Fluffys line :D

This time Bryn did flirt with his wife, unfortunately the only people in the store at the time happened to be his former lovers. Correction, former lovers who hadn't known that he had gotten married, and thusly did not know until he flirted with his wife that he was cheating on him. Even after all this time Bryn's love life is far more complicated that I am prepared to deal with.

I kinda like Buster, the cool dalmatian-ness aside, he's a laid-back kinda dog. He doesn't run around crazily (like most of Fluffys descendants) but rather makes himself comfy and watches the telly. It's a nice change of pace I must say.

Unfortunately Van Clef hasn't fared so well. In fact, he died. I'm sure there was plenty of food. Really. Oh okay, I forgot, there are much more interesting things afoot in the Vulcan Enclave, sometimes the smaller members of the household get ignored.

For example, Brandi's much anticipated Plastic Surgery machine was delivered today. Let me tell you she wasted no time at all testing it out.

As you can see, she is very impressed by the machine...or wait, she may have had some work done to her smile. It's so hard to tell.

It appears that when it comes to her own appearance Brandi is a perfectionist. Either that or she has a dangerous home surgery addiction.

OH SWEET BOB! I knew this wasn't going to be good. I kinda panicked and ran around in circles pointing at the computer screen and not doing anything productive when I saw this, but Brandi had it all under control, and managed to jump right back on that plastic surgery machine and fix her mistakes. She now looks much better. I promise. I on the other hand needed to go take a shower.

After the flirting fiasco I kinda decided that I didn't like the shop any more...or well. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to have Bryn running it, and we needed a little more money to afford a new holiday home, so we sold the business. As you can see the old folk are going to go run some exhaustive tests on the new addition to the Vulcan real estate portfolio.

This is the front view of the Vulcan Vactionary. After this photo was taken we moved the toilet to a more suitable location.

And this is the back. I tried to make an Infinity Pool as you can see. Actually if you are really observant you may even realize that I just took the expensive beach side holiday home and made a few improvements. I have to say I wish I could go there from time to time.

"Hey Brandi, who am I?"

Yeah, Bryn has this really creepy impression. We don't let either of them go swimming in the ocean much any more.

While I was writing these chapters I realized that the Vulcans were being awfully quiet for a change. Normally they have all sorts of comments. I can only hope (and fear) that the future episodes have a little more back-talk. Of course there are babies to look forward to too!

Chapter Twenty Three - Wuv, Twu wuv

It's a new year already. My how the time flies, especially when you have been infected with the worst summer cold ever. Yeah, but thats nearly gone now...I hope, and the Vulcans have been busy as they are wont to do. So without further complaining on with the story.

Hennessy and Genesis got hitched, now Genesis is officially part of the family. I did have them settled into one of the generic houses on spare street, however after reading how much everyone liked Genesis I decided that they should move into something more befitting one of the funnest spare spouses ever.

And thus, Hennessy and Genesis get to live forever and ever in this beautiful villa, and as you can see, Imaginary Lee has fallen in love with yet another house full of all the great things except children.

Back in the main house Chardonnay and Ian are finally the matched pair they were always meant to be.

And continuing the tradition, Jaffa passes into the great doggy-park in the sky the same day as Chardonnay returns from college. I don't deliberately plan that, it just sorta happens. Don't really know what Hennessy is doing there...

In order to maintain my record of 3 bolt marriages (and marriages that match aspirations) we send Ian to the great electronical reprogrammer. The operation was a great success, now he also rolls up wants for a puppy or a kitten or a puppy/kitten. Great.

"Finally! I've been lusting after you since I was a teenager! Now I have claimed you for my own in front of my friends and family can we please get to making the babies?"

"Any thing you say luv. Want to get in a little practice first?"

Admittedly, Chardonnay becoming obsessed with pirates was just a bit of a lark, however add Ian to the equation and well they are awfully cute. Ian joins the family with a suitably pirate themed ceremony.

And the pair of them seal their nuptials with a typically Vulcan, not very piratical pillow-fight.

"Open up! Tee hee hee."

"Murfle murmf!"

Everything is better with a little cake. It certainly makes up for the fact that I think the lot is bugged or something, because much like her parents, Chardonnay had not one, but two wedding parties before she went off on her honeymoon. One was good, one was bad, and they remember both. This makes me a sad panda.

"Finally a ship of my own! Hard to starboard you scurvy landlubbers if that fat merchantman gets away from us, I'll take your share of the booty out of your hides!"

Of course given that the pair of them are somewhat piratically inclined they spend the majority of their honeymoon scampering up and down the boat. They loved every minute of it.

"Yo ho ho a liber liber wee...."

Yeah. I know I said it was annoying, but cv'mon, if there was anyone who deserved to spent some quality time with a real life pirate ghost it is Chardonnay. And this way her pirate obsession will actually be passed down for a couple of generations. Yay?!

Name: Ian Mamuyac
Aspiration: Family (Formerly Fortune)
Star Sign: Cancer
LTW: Graduate 3 children from College
Turn-ons: Full Face Make-up, Black Hair Turn-off: Vampirism
Personality: 5 Neat, 8 Outgoing, 6 Active, 4 Playful, 2 Nice

It appears that not even the appeal of the pirate ship could interfere with a couple of family sims and their desires to produce more offspring than is sane. For behold, there is the belly that heralds the arrival of generation four!