Thursday, November 1, 2007

Chapter Three - The search concludes...finally!

Breanna came to us with 8 friends, that's alot of work for me to maintain, so I thought I'd multi-task. Et voila, Bree gets to talk to her annoying friends, and I get to show you her newly made over self. Win win I say.

Of course as soon as she is settled in she manages to find herself a job in the criminal career track. Tommek really has rotten luck.

"Oh wow! Is this really a Legacy household? I'm so honored that you selected me to clean up your rubbish. Have you woohoo'ed yet? If you haven't you should get right on it! Canni put my name down for your first born? My name is Claire...."

This maid is overly enthusiastic to be here. Seriously she had that same silly smile on her face for the entire 5 minutes she was here to recycle the newspaper. Yeah, hiring a maid for two extremely neat sims is a little redundant, however it was one of Breanna's wants, and what Breanna wants, Breanna gets.

"Ms Observer? I have come to the conclusion this planet does not believe in Military Intelligance."

Why is that?

"I just got promoted for sitting on my as...."

Hark! What vision of perfection do I see!

"I know, my posterior is superior."

No, not you, the exquisite creature behind you! I can now say I have experienced love at first sight!

Yes thats right, Fluffy! Only my game could churn out something so ugly it was cute. I wasn't intending for my legacy to have pets, but how could I possibly resist the allure of Fluffy? She kind of reminds me of those dog creature things that Rick Moranis turned into in Ghostbusters II. Bestill my beating heart!

"Who's a good stray animal that I'm being compelled to interact with? You are! Oh jeshjooare!"

You don't have to like it Tommek, you just have to do it. Fluffy has much to offer the Vulcan household.

"Like parasites?"


After a couple of hours playing fetch, and feeding Fluffy scooby snacks, Tommek is able to adopt her, and I go giddy with glee. Welcome to the family Fluffy! Now to find you a man-dog. Speaking of which, I had to google the male/female symbols because I initially thought Fluffy was a boy. I'm not so good with those symbols despite having read 'The Da Vinci Code'.

"My darling Breanna, now that I have amassed enough cleaning skill points to launch us into the bliss of three bolt attraction I feel the need to engage in the local custom of claiming you for my own. Please accept this symbol of my ability to provide for you financially, and in doing so accept the position of my legally recognized spouse and the receptacle of my genetic material, which if compatible with your own would lead to us parenting an as yet undecided number of offspring."

"Oh Tommek! You're such a romantic, of course I will consent to merging our financial, legal and genetic resources."

Yeah, knowledge sims. Go figure.

The crazy kids decided not to wait, and had a very private little ceremony directly after their engagement. Mostly because I didn't want the hassle of a wedding party.

"Who's a good boy? Fluffy's a good boy, yes you are. Good Fluffy, eating from the bowl like a big boy."

Seems like I'm not the only one who is a little confused over Fluffy's gender. Although I don't think Breanna and Fluffy are every really going to be good friends, Bree is usually the only one free to tell Fluffy off for bad behaviour.

"So Mrs Ltwsgyvkz, how about we test the weight distribution efficency of the bedsprings? Mrroooww."

"Tee hee hee...."

Okay, this part of the evening we don't need to see. Moving right along now.

Name: Fluffy (!)
Star Sign: Pisces
Personality: Mid-genius, Hyper, Mid-independant, Cowardly, Finicky.
Occupation: Security

"Oh my!"

"Oh yes!"

"Oh my!"

"Who's your daddy now baby?"

We came back to soon obviously. We'll check back on them in a couple of minutes.

10 minutes later....

"Did you know that using vanilla when cleaning out the refrigerator removes odors?"

"No my sweet, I did not know that. Did you know that if you rub the draw runners with a candle they open smoothly and evenly?"


The Vuclan household has once more settled into the comforting rhythm of skill building in the pursuit of knowledge. Bob bless knowledge sims.

Morning has once again descended upon the Vulcan household, and Tommek really needs to hurry if he is to scour the positions available selection. Fingers crossed.

Of course Breanna may have scared the computer into finally submitting....

"If I were capable of experiencing emotion I would be overjoyed and vaguely embarrassed to wear this Llama suit. Thankfully I am Vulcan and feel neither joy nor embarrassment. Instead I will focus upon the pride and history this outfit obviously represents."

Well, I'll be happy enough for both of us. I'm so relieved he finally managed to get into the career track he was so obviously jonesing after. Now we can sell the computer and accessories and buy a bath for Fluffy.

Apparently the bed spring experiment had some unforeseen side-effects. I smell generation two in production. Apparently Tommek's DNA is compatible after all.

"Mmm there's nothing like a little fresh seafood to settle a stomach."

She's not even an elder and she's already breaking out the lobster thermadore. Bad Breanna, bad. Serves me right for accepting a former celebrity chef into the family I guess.

Fluffy doesn't even need my help finding a man. She was the only one awake when Bailey came to call. Unfortunately the relationship didn't progress very well. Bailey it seems is immune to her elephant like charms.

"Oh my! My abdomen expanded at an incredible rate."

Sure it wasn't the lobster?"

"It couldn't possibly be, I used to eat lobster thermador for breakfast lunch and tea back at the studio. I believe that this is conclusive proof that Tommek and I have compatible DNA...."

That remains to be seen. And with the first pregnancy well under way I shall leave the two of them for the time being. But we shall be back, I definitely want some Fluffy puppies. I heart Fluffy.

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ASimWen said...

"Oh my!"

"Oh yes!"

"Oh my!"

"Who's your daddy now baby?"
LOLOL!!! Too much. You are making boring knoweldge Sims funny!!!! heh