Saturday, August 9, 2008

Chapter Forty One - Higher Education

Hello again! I haven't really been visiting with the Vulcans much during the past little while, but I have visited enough to have some pictures and anecdotes for your perusal. Please get comfy and settle in for another bumpy Vulcan ride. But before we start I'll just use the girls 'Going away to Uni yay!' pictures to introduce some stats, cos I've been slack with that in the last couple of generations.

Name: Apple Vulcan
Aspiration: Popularity
Star Sign: Aries
LTW: Become Media Magnate
Turn-ons: Brown Hair, Make-up Turn-off: Fatness
Personality: 9 Neat, 9 Outgoing, 3 Active, 5 Playful, 5 Nice.

Name: Ebony Vulcan
Aspiration: Pleasure
Star Sign: Sagittarius
LTW: Become a Game Designer (Chip off the old block wot?)
Turn-ons: Facial hair, Black hair Turn-off: Formal Wear
Personality: 1 (!) Neat, 6 Outgoing, 10 Active, 7 Playful, 10 Nice.

"If you think I'm hot now, wait til you see the outfit I just bought."

"Canni watch you change??!"

Once I get the spawn of darkness to university I have to go the campus boutiques. I swear Maxis/EA adore making sims grow up into really hideous outfits. One bonus however is that Ebony met the man of her dreams in the form of one Wyatt Tsang.

"...we share the same taste in makeup too.... EUW Ebony! For the last time stop farting on my breakfast!"

One point in cleanliness does have it's fun moments. Especially when it is the uber-stylish Ebony farting on foodstuffs.

Awww how sweet! Apples first kiss. Once again fate has bought the Iata Pi placeholder happiness. I had honestly forgotten about Gina until Apples first trip to the shops as a teen. She started heart-farting over the chick cashiers all by herself. Its the first time I've had a sim prefer the same sex independently. I learn something every day.

"EUW! Apple I PROMISE I'll never fart on your food again. Seriously, you have a bedroom. use it!"

I'm catching these two up to Gina in the main house. Apparently Ebony has some morals.

Or maybe not. This randomly passing by student caught her eye, however I am happy to say this is just one of those creepy good-bye kisses that has nothing to do with the real daily relationship.

There really wasn't much time for bounding in the Vulcan house, we take the endless moment between reaching the top of class knowledge, and the actual exam to help the sisters bond.

"You didn't let me watch you change...."

"Will you shut up and enjoy it already?"

Ebony is a hopeless romantic, and Wyatt? Well he's a romance sim that counts for something right?

"Ebony, marry me and let me watch you dress for the rest of our unnaturally long lives!"

"Oooh whatta rock! It matches my eyes!"

Wyatt moved in with the girls, and after spending a couple of days shopping he returned with new duds, a new look and a shiny new rock.

Awww there is nothing more romantic that a mascot fueled fist-fight on the front lawn, as the floaty hearts of true love attest too.

"For me? Oh Wyatt!"

"Yeah its the latest Noyin, so you can video call me when you're in a changing booth."

Obviously Wyatt spent some time thinking during his 2 day shopping spree. Yeah it was 2 days cos I was catching him up with the girls. He did meet alot of people however, and he didn't really roll up wants to flirt with most of them. Only some :P

"Baby boy, I'm going to show you a clothing change that'll knock your socks off!"

Wyatts thoughtfulness and splurging more than pay off as Ebony decides to thank him in a personal and private way.

"Ah Ah! Fire! Fire! Ah!"

"Oh calm down idiot."

Yeah these two get along like a house on fire....which if you think about it isn't very good at all. I'd be quite sad if my house caught on fire.

"Gina my darling, I don't care what the establishment thinks, I want you to be mine forever and ever, say that you'll marry me and make me the happiest woman in all of Legacy Bay."

"Oh Apple! Yes! We'll overthrow the cruel conformity of the breeders and set up our own Utopia!"

Er.... Who'da thought that Gina was so political? After all she is a cheerleader!

"Uh Hello? I'm perverting your power base from the inside breeder."

Um...ok, moving along then. Look quick below before she starts.

The time has finally come. The Vulcans vacate the not-so-lush residence at 1 Croissant crescent (Or wherever it is) to make their way to the luxurious Iata Pi House.

OH SWEET BOB! That shirt with that tummy is all wrong. I know home-grown food has all that glittery goodness, but it obviously disagrees with Wyatt. Quick to the gym!

We'll leave the Iata Pi kiddies here, there are still two more teens that need to be aged like fine wine and encouraged to take that big step into the well known and familiar. Which funnily enough is the main focus of the next chapter.

Ka kite.


Kerry said...

Glad to see the Vulcans back! Apple is gorgeous--any chance she could be made available to share? I would love to put her in my game.

ASimWen said...

OMG..a belly shaker as usual:

""...we share the same taste in makeup too.... EUW Ebony! For the last time stop farting on my breakfast!"


Seraphyem said...

I finally managed to suss out the intricate workings of SimPE long enough to extract Apple (I patted myself on the back many times). She is available here: