Friday, November 23, 2007

Chapter Ten - To all the girls I've loved before.

Welcome back to the second installment of the Vulcan Boys at College. The boys continue to get older and wiser...or something. And I continue to struggle with satisfying Bryn's wants, as well as remember he is not alone in the big house. Very challenging let me tell you.

Lover #11: Candice Shin (Naughty, but nice)

While those two are busy, I thought I'd share what Bryn's want panel is typically like at the end of one of his dates, not only does he want to get engaged to his lucky lady, he also fears getting engaged, and getting rejected for engagement. I guess his lifestyle is just as confusing for him as it is for me.

Lover #12: Brooke Thayer (Meadow's less hot older sister)

"This brings back memories right Bryn?"

"Sure does bro. Although back then I thought you'd turn out to be happier...."

"I'm happy!"

"Not that kinda happy bro."

Occasionally the boys spend quality time together. Although we're starting to conclude that Paden is a sweet little innocent.

At the start of Senior year, Bryn starts thinking about his future.... so on a deserted street corner he crosses the palms of a elderly gypsy woman with silver (or simoleons).

She revealed many mysteries, as well as offering Bryn the opportunity for life-time happiness. We have found the spouse for the next generation, and it was so easy it feels like cheating.

Lover #13: Sierra Turner (Definately NOT unlucky)

Lover #14: Debbie Pons (Sweet n Sassy)

Lover #15: Marie Corxsillo (Words actually fail me for this one)

Bryn and Marie decide to mix things up a little and get all freaky....moving along.

Lover #16: Imaginary Me (Huh wtf? How's I get there?) On a side note, 1 bolt attraction.

Lover #17: Tiffany Le Tourneau (She's a mod, she's a mod, she's a mod. Yeah yeah yeah yeah)

"So like dude, don't you have class now?"

"Yeah, but hanging out is totally more important."

"Isn't it like your final?"

"As I said, hanging out is totally more important."

This time, without Tommek to distract me, I can interrupt these oh-so-important hang-out sessions to make sure the boys maintain thier 4.0 GPA

Bryn once more meets the strange gypsy lady on the street corner. This time he purchases a potion guaranteed to make him irresistible.... Cos she's so trust-worthy.

Lover #18: Robin Kim (She really is a cow)

Now that the boys have entered the final semester of their time in college it was time to invite in a placeholder. Meet Genisis Patch, the annoying Cheerleader, and the first pledge to Iata Pi. We'll just add sucky cook to that distinguished list. Luckily Paden was on hand, he didn't even panic. Although just at that moment the phone began to ring (Either Paden's stalky professor, or one of the many lovers of Bryn) and Paden was the only one home with a cell phone, so I guess it wasn't so lucky after all. And yes, I forgot to buy a fire alarm/ sprinkler when I remodeled the kitchen.

"Fire bad, tree pretty *drool*"

Unfortunately, Genisis's culinary adventure took her straight to the land of Aspiration Failure. And I don't really care enough to try and fix it to be honest.

(Standing behind her, also not really caring is Robin the trouble-making Cow)

Lover #19: Tosha Fuchs (Wild and Free baby!)

"It's disguisting how well we go together professor. I think it's time you made an honest man outta me. Provided it doesn't send you into aspiration failure."

"Oh, Bryn, first you give me this sexy make-over, then you offer to take me out of the unfulfilling life of an NPC. Yes you fool, yes!"

Professor Brandi Go was what the Gypsy Lady delivered earlier, I guess she really does have mysterious ways. We weren't sure on Brandi when she still had the old lady hair and no make up, but as it is often with the Sims, slap a new hair style and some quality make up on them and they tend to clean up.

Lover #20: Professor Brandi Go (Go go Bryn!)

I'm so proud of Bryn, and me. Well mostly me actually. Bryn would have piked out long ago. This is the first time I've ever fulfilled the woohoo wants of a romance sim. I didn't even consider swapping his aspiration when the opportunity came up in sophomore year. Even more great? He didn't get caught cheating once! (So far, but with 20 lovers something is bound to happen sooner or later)

Bryn now wants to be a Rock God, a hillbilly Rock God if the outfit he grew up into is anything to go by. Both he and Paden are on their way back to Legacy Bay. Bryn will of course move back in with his parents, Paden however has well and truly earned his happily ever after with Claire the stalker maid.


lissabry said...

WOOT WTG Bryn , hey maybe he wants to be a grungy version of Angus Young lol Ive never even attempted the 20 sim woohoo LTW but you did an awesome job :) I love the story so far and can hardly wait to see what happens next ~Melissa

Melissa said...

Good job on the 20 woohoos. I'm still working on fulfilling that for the first time. Bad thing about Prosperity is you get on a roll and then the round is over. LOL.

Can't wait to see Bryn with his Professor Brandi back at home.

ASimWen said...

I feel more like I have actually done something when I fulfull the 20 lovers want, unlike 'Make Me A Captain Hero' type thing. Heh. Very good!