Friday, November 23, 2007

Chapter Nine - College-bound!

Yes thats right, this is the first part of the 2 part college special. Both Bryn and Paden had the same scholarships and were able to start out in a house rather than a dorm (which makes Bryn happy let me tell you.)

This is the house the boys managed to purchase with thier funds. Humble I know, but you will see alot of it. It is also the Headquarters for the Vulcan Greek house, Iata Pi (Yes I stole the idea from Prosperity Point...shush)

The swimming pool makes Paden happy too.

"You don't know how long I've waited for this moment...."

"I thought you were scared of me?"

"Shush woman!"

Paden is finally old enough to make the moves on Claire, and he has all of one bolt of attraction for her. We can work on that though.

"You don't know how long I've waited for this moment...."

Bryn also discovers he is old enough to make the moves, in this case, his professor, Naenae Kosmokos. His first lover. How sweet. And yes, I had to write down all of the names, else I wouldn't have been able to keep track.

"Darling now that we have consumated our forbidden love do me the honor of marrying me!"

"You're the spare aren't you?"

"Please don't hold it against me my sugarplum."

Paden finally makes an honest woman of Claire, and she is delighted.... obviously.

Lover #2: Roxie Sharpe. Much like Bryn, I don't feel the need to discuss or even talk to his conquests. Romance Sims are fun.

Lover #3: Professor Melissa Perry (Professor of Luuurve)

Lover #4: Caryl Ngai (Clueless Co-ed)

Lover #5: Lakshmi Phelps (She really delivers!)

As you can see all of Bryn's extra-curricular activities have an unexpected bonus. Bryn becomes a big man on campus. Of course Bryn isn't really one to rest on his laurels, and he still has many many more lovers to seduce, so we'll just move along.

Lover #6: Kendra Terrill (Plucky Animal Welfare Officer)

Despite my repeated directions, the boys like hanging outside. I eventually gave up and just bought them a hot chocolate machine. They can afford it because all Paden does is paint (It keeps him out of my hair while I'm working on Bryn's wants.) and date Claire. Its a happy life for him I'm sure.

Lover #7: La Shawn McArthur. (Friendly postie!)

"I hate you, how dare you hook up with your stalker maid! I don't care if she's been waiting for you since before you were born. Cow's outrank maids, everyone knows that!"


"Something you want to tell me honeybuns?"

We have no idea how this happened, one moment we're getting Paden his daily Claire fix to get him into platinum so we can make some more money. The next, the cow is slapping him around and completely destroying his relationship with Claire. Like I really need more challenge at the moment.

"Look you stupid cow, I want you to leave me and my girlfriend alone. Forever! I'm a one-stalker man thankyouverymuch! Take the money and moooove along already!"

Paden takes care of the problem like the man he is.


With all the pizza in the house, Jonah decides the trash can provides far more appetizing victuals.

Lover #8: Merhissa Hsu (Pretty in Pink)

Lover #9: Jonah Powers (Roxies ralphing boyfriend)

Lover #10: Leonid Hamilton (The end to College experimentation)

"But darling, she means nothing to me. Honestly. She turns up at random hours and harasses me....."

"Hey babe. Watcha wearing...?"

It is hard work maintaining a level 6 Greek house (my first), so it's not all fun and games for the boys. But Bryn is half-way through his lifetime want, and the boys are half-way through College, so a little sacrifice is a small price to pay.


ASimWen said...

DARN THAT COW! Yes, they are known to temporarily throw monkey wrenches into relationships. hehe Nice payoff!

Ah Claire...even spares can make a good living...don't hold that against him....

Hey way to go Paden....halfway there!

Kerry said...

Wow, I was five or so episodes behind! But it was fun catching up. I want to hear more about Paden's acting and dancing career. I was a little surprised at his interest in the maid, to be honest.

Bryn's a busy boy--at least Tommek and Fluffy aren't getting any older while you're at Uni!

Bubbs said...

Go Bryn go!

Love the jealous!