Saturday, December 1, 2007

Chapter Twelve - The end is nigh!

Well it's that time again, yes thats right, time to check up on the goings-on at the Vulcan Enclave. I can happily report that I discovered the solution to my little problem at the end of the last chapter. I was preparing to move the family Vulcan from their home when I stumbled across a couple of invisible fires (yes fires! And yes invisible....stupid lightening). After I deleted them, everything returned to normal. And I am a happy girl.

My boyfriend also bought me another gig of ram today, so that should make things even better. But enough about me, time to get on with the show.

I thought I'd start this chapter off with a neighbourhood view of the Vulcan household. As you can see they've added another story (for career rewards) And you can clearly see the mausoleum and giant Bonsai tree for the deceased. All in all I'm moderately happy with it.

"See dad, me and Brands didn't spend all our honeymoon in the bed."

"Son, how many times do I have to tell you? Wait until I'm senile before you tell me about your sex life. I really don't want to know.

The gents do a little manly bonding to the ever popular Hula dance.

Of course for Bryn and Brandi the honeymoon never really ends, all they want to do is maul each other. Only the location changes, Bryn even has a want for a prizes for guessing why.

Chardonnay has yet to even transition into toddlerhood and already she's hogging everyones attention. If she didn't throw these little tantrums she'd get exactly the same amount of attention as her brother, Hennessy, and that simply won't do at all.

Surprisingly the twins were really well behaved on their birthday, Brandi was still high from her latest date with Bryn, so no-one nearly died during the optimum twirl event.

And there goes Chardonnay. Of course the Vulcans have the money and the resources to ensure that both Chardonnay and Hennessy are walking, talking and weeing within the first 6 hours of toddlerhood. Then it's bunnytime....pretty boring for toddlers actually....and I'll use that excuse to explain the lack of pictures.

You'll never guess what LTW Bryn rolled after he achieved his second life dream.....No, we don't have to seduce an additional 20 sims. Thank Bob. No, he also decided that being a Hall of Famer was the absolute bestest. Thankfully, we already have one of those, and another on the way. Bryn will just have to live with the 2 lifetime wants fulfilled, and possibly a flower shop when the twins hit college.

"Why is my son glowing? Why does it make me feel so uncomfortable? Daaad?!"

See Bryn really does care, although if the four of them wouldn't keep on fighting each other to but the toddlers in bed none of this would ever happen.

Brandi gets a new look, one befitting the hot young wife of a rock god. Yes Cowboy boots are practically manditory. And of course it's birthday time again. Yay, we can start working on college skills (Both twins got 9 charisma points each....thats a personal best for me.)

I thought we'd be sneaky, and invite the Headmaster over before the kids even stepped foot on a school bus (They transitioned on a Saturday.) We've got enough money now that I could remodel the kitchen and living room. I'm much happier with the colors, and so was the headmaster (He might have also been impressed by the traditional Lobster Thermadore.).

"Seriously Chardonnay, your snowman technique is poor. My blind granny could do better than that."

"Huh? Gran's not blind, she's evil."

"You have no respect for your elders."

"Yeah I do, I respect Gran and Gramps just fine. It's you I don't respect."

"And I'm your elder. Point made!"

"I told you your technique was poor....if you had followed my directions you would have been finished hours ago."

"If you had stopped flapping your mouth and actually helped out, I would have been finished hours ago too."

"You know I can't damage my hands Chay, these are artists hands."

The children bond building a nice snowman....Of course for thier next bonding excersie they'll probably smack each other over the head with fish or something. But they like spending time together, thats important right?

Fireworks in the doghouse again! This can only mean one thing....Puppies! More spawn of Fluffy (well of the line of Fluffy)! I can't wait.

"Your skirt is tucked into your undies."

"Your head is stuck up your as..."


Chardonnay and Hennessy have a loving relationship. Honestly. I promise. And as you can see they managed to really impress the headmaster despite thier lack of anything resembling schooling.

I'm cutting here, because we have a lot to get through, and next chapter is a big one.... Bigger than Fluffy even. *sniff*


Bubbs said...

The twins are great! I love their loving comments. :) Yeah! Private school here they come!

ASimWen said...

Hahaha nice jargon between the kids. Ah...that is embarrassing....skirt in undies. Happened to my daughter durng Halloween...yah...all over the neighborhood....

Galena said...

I don't remember seeing the dog's partner. Hmm...thw twins are funny. They definitely fit in.