Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Chapter Twenty Four - Warning: Plastic Surgery can be addictive!

Yet another double-whammy. I think I tend to break it up more because I like making my blog seem more active than it really is, and because I get frustrated with how long it takes photo's to load sometimes so I want to help you all avoid that.

It's time for Sparky to join Jaffa in the great doggy park in the sky, he is seen off my Spiffy, and Buster, the new genetic donor. I can't wait to see how the dalmatian spots get integrated into Fluffys line :D

This time Bryn did flirt with his wife, unfortunately the only people in the store at the time happened to be his former lovers. Correction, former lovers who hadn't known that he had gotten married, and thusly did not know until he flirted with his wife that he was cheating on him. Even after all this time Bryn's love life is far more complicated that I am prepared to deal with.

I kinda like Buster, the cool dalmatian-ness aside, he's a laid-back kinda dog. He doesn't run around crazily (like most of Fluffys descendants) but rather makes himself comfy and watches the telly. It's a nice change of pace I must say.

Unfortunately Van Clef hasn't fared so well. In fact, he died. I'm sure there was plenty of food. Really. Oh okay, I forgot, there are much more interesting things afoot in the Vulcan Enclave, sometimes the smaller members of the household get ignored.

For example, Brandi's much anticipated Plastic Surgery machine was delivered today. Let me tell you she wasted no time at all testing it out.

As you can see, she is very impressed by the machine...or wait, she may have had some work done to her smile. It's so hard to tell.

It appears that when it comes to her own appearance Brandi is a perfectionist. Either that or she has a dangerous home surgery addiction.

OH SWEET BOB! I knew this wasn't going to be good. I kinda panicked and ran around in circles pointing at the computer screen and not doing anything productive when I saw this, but Brandi had it all under control, and managed to jump right back on that plastic surgery machine and fix her mistakes. She now looks much better. I promise. I on the other hand needed to go take a shower.

After the flirting fiasco I kinda decided that I didn't like the shop any more...or well. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to have Bryn running it, and we needed a little more money to afford a new holiday home, so we sold the business. As you can see the old folk are going to go run some exhaustive tests on the new addition to the Vulcan real estate portfolio.

This is the front view of the Vulcan Vactionary. After this photo was taken we moved the toilet to a more suitable location.

And this is the back. I tried to make an Infinity Pool as you can see. Actually if you are really observant you may even realize that I just took the expensive beach side holiday home and made a few improvements. I have to say I wish I could go there from time to time.

"Hey Brandi, who am I?"

Yeah, Bryn has this really creepy impression. We don't let either of them go swimming in the ocean much any more.

While I was writing these chapters I realized that the Vulcans were being awfully quiet for a change. Normally they have all sorts of comments. I can only hope (and fear) that the future episodes have a little more back-talk. Of course there are babies to look forward to too!

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